When you begin a business, you have to make several decisions, some instantaneously, which can impact the long term success of your company. Topping the list would be how to provide a convenient way for the customers to make their payments and how you will process them. In any case, the consumer of today does not use hard cash to pay for his purchases. It means that you have to accept payments through credit or debit cards from your customers.

Historically, credit card payments were only accepted for big ticket items such as sofas, beds, computers and many other items. But, now they are used for every thing from groceries, stamps and other house hold goods to big cars and stuff. If your business is not able to process such transactions then your growth will become very limited and may in fact lead to negative growth. This article describes four types of businesses which has to process cards both offline and online.

Retail and Online Businesses

A few companies do only retail business. They don’t have an online presence and most of them are not interested to develop one. If you want to accept payments through credit cards from your customers then you need to buy the credit card software and terminal. Conversely, when you do business on the internet you will not need such equipment. Most of the companies these days have retail as well as online presence. Four businesses which should accept credit card payments from their customers are:

  • Restaurants

Several restaurants accept online credit card payments from their customers. They sell gift cards and memorabilia to customers. While credit card payments should be accepted to pay for the food items the other transactions should be processed through their website.

  • Mail Order Firms

Several years ago, the mail order firms did all the business only by taking check payments. After some years they realised the importance of credit card payments and started to accept payments through credit card over the phone. Today they are able to process payments through phone, website, mail or the storefront also.

  • Gyms

People pay through credit cards for joining health clubs also. They either go in person or call the company and give their credit card details or do it through the internet. Moreover, the large gyms also sell towels, shirts and several other items over the internet. Most of the gyms also have built in cafes where their customers can cool off after working out. However, all of this will fail miserably if they don’t accept credit card payments.

  • Grocery Stores

The old times where you could buy grocery only through cash is gone. Now people pay for the grocery using their credit cards. Also, many large grocery stores allow their customers to order for grocery online. The payments for such orders are taken online. Therefore, this facility needs you to have both online and offline modes of accepting credit cards from your customers.

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