The term free merchant account does not mean that the whole account is available without any charge. They are not totally fee. The only fee which is not charged by them is the set-up or membership fee. This fact is applicable to average free service of e-Commerce merchant account. Good services are also there however they are less in number. However when compared with commercial merchant accounts these are better as the membership fee is not required. Although there are many demerits associated with the free accounts the disadvantages are also there which can be a drawback. This may prevent a person from immediately signing up a merchant account which is free. The exact terms and regulations associated with such accounts are to be understood.

The initial payment which is needed for a free account ids zero. Payment for membership is also not applicable. This ensures a free registration. After a person is registered he can get a setup guide and relevant information on gateway setting.

But one cannot save the money which he could have spent on registration as the charges for other works regarding the merchant accounts are higher. So the free registration is compensated by the higher rates which follow later. It can be avoided. First one should understand that the free term does not mean no money is spent on such accounts. Next thing that can be done is spend some time on the internet by which the merits and demerits associated with providers of free merchant account can be known and also the rates can be found out.

The fees of transaction have been up to 9% &11% in some cases.

The same fee associated with non-commercial and commercial is less it can be 3.5+$0.20 %. This means that in terms of potential of money saving these accounts are better on comparison with free accounts.

If a person encounters a merchant account which is free and offer exciting rates the support will not be there. Although this can be surprising it is the truth.

One thing common with these two accounts is that the gateway, shopping cart and bank communication involved with these two accounts are very complex. It is a tough task to integrate and set-up shopping cart although this may appear s an easy one. Professional consultation is a must in such cases as one may find it difficult to understand the issues of security associated with such accounts.

Some providers of free account offer help in which doubts can be cleared and information obtained through mail. Most of them are not providing this facility even. When an application is being made for a merchant account care should be taken to ensure that technical guidance is available as many of them lack this.

The security offered by the merchant account of one’s own will be more. It will be better if it is made in such a way that it is suited for a persons existing website. Even if a problem occurs it can be fixed by the firm itself.

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