Most business men know that an alternative way of financing your business is by taking a merchant loan. The owners of service – oriented and retail businesses take this loan. This kind of loan is more favourable than the traditional loan as they have a highly flexible repayment structure which can be altered according to the sales of the business.

You can renew your merchant loan several times

When a merchant has applied for the merchant loan then he or she will be able to take advantage of it continuously more than one. It is mostly an alternative to business loan. Once your application is approved, owners of small business will be able to renew the funds even without additional applications, business leases, voided checks and merchant statements. They will receive their loan within a day or 2. Merchants can renew their loan about three to four months in advance. They can renew their advances several times and as long as they wish too. However, more less known facts are still there.

You can combine your Merchant loan with a Bank Loan

Owners of small businesses make use of the merchant loan facility on when they become ineligible for the bank loans. But little known is the fact that the owners of small business who are qualified to take bank loans can also use this facility to benefit from it. The merchant loan facility can also be used if the business owners did not get the actual amount they required from the bank or if they wish to have additional cash.

This also works the other way round which means that if you have taken a merchant loan already then the owners are still eligible for the conventional bank loan. Therefore, you will be able to get more capital to run your business smoothly.

If you are a Qualified Candidate then you can receive low rates

Basically, merchant loans are for those business people who are not eligible for bank loans because of their ownership lengths, improper credit scores and other reasons. However, those owners who have high credit scores and high volume of credit card transactions is qualified to get the best rates from the bank for the conventional loans. Hence, getting the merchant loan will be a lot more cheap and convenient.

If you have been rejected previously then also you are eligible for an advance

Several owners of small business enterprises have been denied of merchant loans in the past due to credit issues, change in ownership or decline in business and other issues. These merchants are also eligible for the starter advance of the merchant loan. They can avail up to two thousand dollars. Once they use this advance in a proper way, then the can get a bigger merchant loan.

With so many benefits available the merchant loan is definitely a good option to take especially if you are the owner of a small or start up business and don’t have sufficient capital to run your business.

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