Find Credit Card Processing Services for Your Offshore Company

Credit card services have been around for awhile now, and the credit card companies have gotten pretty good at what they do.  One way that they ensure their profitability is by not providing credit card services to companies that are considered to be high risk.  If your company is one of those, you should be aware of an alternative out there to conventional credit card service companies.  This alternative is Offshore Merchants.  They can provide the credit card services that your company needs to grow and thrive.

Unlike other credit card service companies out there, Offshore Merchants provides service specifically for high risk companies.  Whatever your product or service, it can help your revenue to be able to use credit card transactions.  Offshore Merchants provides the capability for such transactions, despite the possibility of scams or high turnover in your industry.  They can do this because they have put large quantities of money into solid US banks to provide the backing from their company to yours.  They know that not every industry is the perfect fit for every creditor, and therefore seek to be your creditor when no one else will.  It is this desire to succeed where everyone else fails that makes them the best credit card service company out there.

Another reason they are better than the competition is the rates that they offer.  These rates are competitive, and if your company is high volume, so much the better.  Their high volume rates are ridiculously low, some 6-7% less than competitors’.  Add to this that there is no cap on transactions, and you’ll see how Offshore Merchants can make your company more profitable.  In fact, if your company is one that has sudden jumps in transactions, Offshore Merchants can provide a secondary service to your primary company to cover the overflow.  This allows your company to really see increased income when it’s doing well. 

When you’re trying to get credit card services set up, the quicker the better.  Offshore Merchants knows that, and sends approval as fast as the account can be set up, usually in 7 to 10 days.  Contrast that with the three to four weeks other companies quote, and you’ll see another great reason to choose Offshore Merchants. 

Offshore Merchants provides a number of different services depending on what your company needs.  If you need a physical terminal to swipe credit cards, they can provide the service and the machines.  If you need an online terminal to enter credit card numbers from any internet-connected machine on the planet, they offer the service.  They also provide a shopping cart to make transactions using your website as easy as possible.  With this range of services, you can be signed up for exactly what your company needs to succeed.

Though there are a number of credit card service companies out there, not all fall into the niche of providing high risk credit services.  When you’re looking for one that does, consider Offshore Merchants for your high risk credit card service needs and you’ll be glad that you did.

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