Offshore High Risk Merchant Accounts

 They provide offshore merchant accounts and also merchant accounts solutions of payment for third parties to global businesses. This is their speciality.

They provide payment gateway credit card which allows one to clear the credit cards all against rates which are highly competitive. They claim that the services of merchant account provided by them are very reliable.

Usage of the OffshoreMerchants.net results in an increase in the substantial sales which is a real benefit. The costs are also lower which is another advantage.

OffshoreMerchants.net offer them as integrated packages solutions which will be suited for the requirements of the customer’s company.

They provide services of merchant accounts for any type of business in both the category of high risk and low risk accounts. The settings of rates are based on the business type of the person.

Web hosting is a business which belongs to the category of businesses with a low risk. For these the rates set will also be low.

Pharmacy merchant account belongs to the category of business with a high risk. The rates set for such businesses will also be higher.

The criteria based on which OffshoreMerchants.net will decide whether a business belong to the category of low or high risk business are many.

Generally classification of a business venture into High Risk category happens when the chargeback potential besides the possibility that the doors of it will be shut disappearing over night are high. Also the previous results associated with such businesses are taken into consideration.

The following are a few merchant accounts which belong to the category of high risk which are accepted by OffshoreMerchants.net for the processing of credit cards.

  • Replica merchant accounts and General eCommerce
  • Pharmacy Merchant accounts obtained via online (Drugs which are not approved and controlled substances are not allowed)
  • Dating merchant accounts available through online
  • Accounts of global call centres
  • Voice IP merchant accounts
  • Web hosting accounts
  • Software merchant accounts which are downloadable
  • Phone card accounts which are prepaid
  • Merchant accounts with regard to Outbound telemarketing
  • Merchant accounts with regards to Herbal and Vitamin product
  • Merchant accounts with regards to TMF
  • Merchant accounts with high refunds and chargebacks

The benefits associated with OffshoreMerchants.net are as follows

  • High volume merchants can have a descriptor of their own
  • Implementation of online payment is very quick
  • They accept credit cards which are considered as main
  • Secure Code of master card and Visa 3d secure are available
  • Systems of shopping cart are supported – Cubecart, Zen Cart, Virtuemart, Shop Script, Magento, OS Commerce, X-Cart
  • Server is secure which is under the certificate of SSL
  • Management of shipping fees
  • Every country is acceptable
  • Tools for management o password, reporting and integration
  • Integration with the website of the customer is immediate
  • Trials for the clients of the customer are free
  • Support for recurring billing
  • Management of membership, services and complete products
  • Customization of shopping cart and order page design
  • The tools for marketing re powerful which includes affiliate programmes.

Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account, high risk ach account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.