High Risk Credit is Available to You

Companies around the world have found that there is one way most customers pay for products and services.  That is with the use of a credit card.  If your company doesn’t offer credit card transactions, you’re missing out on a large group of potential customers.  Some companies, however, are considered too high risk for conventional credit card processing companies to allow them to make transactions.  For these companies, a high risk credit card service company such as Offshore Merchants is the only logical choice.

High risk credit card service is something that not every company can offer.  For most, the level of risk associated with some industries is too high for them to be able to process their credit cards.  In addition, some credit card companies put a limit on the amount the transactions they’ll process.  With Offshore Merchants, these considerations are set aside.  They will provide the high risk credit that your company needs, with no worry about exceeding a cap and losing business.  In fact, Offshore Merchants provides credit card services to some companies merely because they have the potential of having jumps in their income and don’t want to be capped by their other credit card transaction service company.  Whether that’s the case, or your company is too high risk to be services by other companies, Offshore Merchants has the solutions you need.

An important consideration when looking into the high risk credit services industry is finding a company you can trust.  With eight years of providing capable service under their belt, you can be sure that they know the business, and know how to stay in it.  Their services are currently provided to thousands of different venders, and they have partnerships with banks that have lasted for years now.  There are high risk credit service companies out there that are a scam, but Offshore Merchants isn’t one of them.  That is evidenced by how long they’ve been on the scene providing high risk credit card services. 

The quick turn around that you will experience with Offshore Merchants is another reason to choose them as your high risk credit card transaction service.  Applications with them are usually approved within seven to ten days.  Compare that to three to four weeks with the competition, and you’ll find yet another reason the choose Offshore Merchants.  Their customer service is yet another reason, providing a live operator or e-mail assistance for their merchant accounts. 

When selecting a high risk credit card service company, the rate offered is an important consideration, as well.  The rates offered by Offshore Merchants are competitive, especially if a company will be doing a high volume of credit card transactions.  This high volume rate of 3% blows other companies out of the water.  Even if your company isn’t high volume, you’ll still see a significant increase in your overall income generated.

There are a few different high risk credit card service companies out there, but when it comes to trustworthiness, speed of acceptance, and fair rates with timely payouts, the only company worth its salt is Offshore Merchants.  Check them out today.

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