If you are residing anywhere outside the United States of America then, you may face some problems in attaining a merchant account. A real merchant is very expensive. In such a case you have 3 options: first is, to go for a “Third Party Credit Card Processing Company”, second option is, to establish a presence of your company in the United States or lastly, partner with a company which deals with multinational foreign firms.

To establish a presence of your company in the United States, you will have too incorporate or open a branch of your company in any 1 of the fifty states. Delaware and Nevada are highly popular choices because of their business friendly regulations and the low fees. As a result, more than fifty percent of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 list are incorporated in either Delaware or Nevada or both. One best method for the incorporating process is to find a firm which will give you a mailing address along with the mail forwarding option, a phone number and also help you complete the incorporation documents on behalf of you. All this will cost you up to a thousand dollars. You can find several firms which offer such services on the internet, but be careful to choose the right firm after doing some research.

There is also another way to go about it. You can also work with some company which specializes in dealing with foreign firms. This method is highly recommended if you will be doing very large volumes of transactions with credit card. Among the most reputable and best firms there for this job is “Durango Merchant”. With this firm you will not require a bank account in the United States and it permits you to accept American Express, Master Card and Visa payments. In such a case, you may have to pay out extra fees in case you are not an American firm.

The primary aim or purpose of an International merchant account is to give your business an edge over your competitors. In the day where online transactions are carried out mostly by the credit card, it is absolutely necessary for your business to be high competitive and maintain momentum. One way you will be able to achieve this goal is to cater to international clients. If this is what you require then an international merchant account is the answer to all your business needs.

An “International Merchant Account” will empower you to take payments from your customers in their own currencies. Some of the globally-recognised currencies which are accepted by an “International Merchant Account” include: Euro, Japanese Yen, Venezuelan Bolivar, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Kazakhstani Tenge and U.S. Dollar, among others.

Since payments can be made through several different currencies, you can now sell your services and products to a wider range of customers spread throughout the globe. Some of the features offered are: payment gateway and Fraud-Detection software, among others.

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