In the recent times, consumers no longer prefer making payments in the form of cash. Payments are preferably made by either using credit cards or debit cards. Irrespective of what the business is, a merchant has to provide flexibility to the customer for payment modes. This implies that, if a particular customer is wary of making payments by cash, the merchant must be able to accept payments by means of credit cards. According to a research conducted, accepting payments made by credit cards increases the sales manifold. For a merchant to accept pays made by credit cards, he/she will require an internet merchant account with financial institutions such as banks. These institutions are known for charging nominal fees for the services provided by them. One should not think too much about these fees since implementing different payment modes only adds to the sales. It also allows the transactions to be carried out at any point in time due to round-the-clock merchant services.

A merchant’s financial institution should be in a position to cater several services. Firstly, they need to have the provision for providing personalised services for a merchant to set up the merchant account. This account should provide services such as online trading so that orders could be taken over the phone.

Consider a case in which your trade is a store online. This implies that the customers can place orders just by clicking a button. Also, the payments for the orders made can be made online with the usage of credit cards. To accept a payment made through the internet, a merchant has to link his/her account to the providers of internet gateway such as Fast Transact, Orbital, Verisign, etc. the order forms can also be linked to these gateway firms who in turn process these transactions.

The other merchant account service is the processing of phone lines. With this service, a customer is in a position to dial numbers that are toll free and input the required information on the basis of voice prompts.

Another service with respect to credit cards is the Point of Scale (POS). This service enables the merchant to take the orders over a phone or fax. These orders can be processed with the help of the terminal machine. One can also use software programs to store the details of the customers as this helps in the case of recurring payments.

As a part of these merchant account services, a gateway organisation validates the information of the credit cards by sending these details to the firm which provides credit cards. After the process of validation is complete, a decline or acceptance message will be received by the gateway based on the information’s authenticity. After the message is accepted, the payment is transmitted to the account.

Merchant account services are usually provided by third parties and the timing varies based on the business model. Account services can be availed by different types of industries. The online services are also provided by various banks.

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