The term Merchant Accounts Express is a processing service of Credit Cards which can be called as an excellent service.

The features are as follows.

There is a start-up fees which is $39.00. They offer discounts also but it is very low when compared to others which are also businesses based on Internet.

One important thing is that an applicant has very high chances of getting his or her application of merchant accounts approved as they offer an approval rating of 98 % which is very high and in turn ensure the customer that there is a very little chance of him or her being rejected.

In terms of the money that has to be spent on a Merchant Account Express on a monthly basis also it is advantageous. The money needed for this account is very low compared to several other providers. It can be called one among the lowest. It depends on the business done by the person or the charge backs that one possesses.

The monthly charges are inclusive of the following Statement Fee, monthly minimum and Payment gateway.

The rate of discount offered by them is 2.27%. The fee for per-transaction is $0.24. There is a Charge Back Fee apart from fees which has to be paid regularly in each month. The charge back-fee is $25.00.

The fee for address verification charged by them is $0.05.

As already mentioned the cost required for a start-up of Merchant Accounts Express is very reasonable and amounts to $39.00.

The time needed to set-up Merchants Accounts Express is generally 3 days.

Merchant Account Expresses belongs to the category of ISOs. The abbreviation ISO refers to Independent service Organisation.

They provide Virtual Terminal and merchant account which is available with “ payment getaway”. The other features of them are Shopping Cart and a demo which is free.

From their list a selection of a Point-Of-Sale can be made. Totally there will be 10 different point of sale. They are known as P.O.S models. These are used for the processing of Credit Cards.

There is a lot of information available on Merchant Account Express on the inter net. Reviews on them are also available which enables one to know more about the Merchant Account Express.

Merchant Account Express offer processing services of Credit Cards for businesses ordered through mail, websites, mortar-and-brick stores and later mobile businesses.

There is a website which is merchant express which offers customer service via phone or mail. If a person fails to contact the customer service via phone he can leave a voice message.

They also offer a free trial which is risk free which is of the duration 30 days. This is a rarity among other processors of credit cards.

A team had conducted a survey on such sites. According to them this was the only site they encountered offering such a trial.

There are several such sites which offer demos online for free. But none provided this facility.

This service is flexible, affordable and fast.

Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.