Your Company Needs Offshore Credit Card Services!

If you aren’t offering credit card transaction capability through your company, then you’re missing out on the primary method of paying for products and services today.  If you’ve tried to set up credit card services for your company before, and failed because your company is in an industry that’s considered high risk by credit card companies, then you need a specialized solution.  That solution is Offshore Merchants. 

This company specializes in providing high risk credit services to companies that, like yours, are in industries considered to be high risk.  This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your company, it means there is a greater potential of fraud or a high turnover has been experienced in your industry before.  That shouldn’t stop you from taking credit cards; it should direct your vision to a company that has a proven track record in accepting high risk credit cards.  Offshore Merchants is such a company.  With years of experience in providing high risk credit to companies, you can know that you’re dealing with a leader in the industry.

Being a leader in this particular industry gives Offshore Merchants something that other companies don’t have.  That’s trustworthiness.  There are companies out there that are scams or use unscrupulous business practices to gouge companies from the profits that they’ve earned.  Offshore Merchants is not one of those companies.  This can be seen by the number of years that they’ve been in business as well as by the number of companies and banks that they are currently partnered with.  They have built these relationships up over the years for your benefit, and look forward to continuing to help companies build their success.  That’s what you get when you use Offshore Merchants for your credit card services.

But that’s not the only benefit to having Offshore Merchants be your credit card service provider.  They also provide very fair rates to their companies, especially if your company happens to be one that requires high volume credit card processing.  Their rates come along with fast payouts that are the amount agreed upon.  The fees that come along with their service are fair, as well.

In addition to having fair rates, Offshore Merchants has one of the fastest application approval times around.  Essentially, your company is approved twice as fast as by other companies.  Most applications require only seven to ten days for a decision to be made.  In business, time is money, and the time that you lose by choosing another credit card company for your high risk credit service is money that you’ll regret losing, especially when you sign up with the company and end up wishing you’d made another choice.  Make the right choice the first time by selecting Offshore Merchants.

With their long time in the industry and their trustworthiness, low rates, short approval time, and the fact that they’ll provide service to you when others won’t, it’s easy to see why Offshore Merchants has become a leader in the high risk credit service field.  Choose them today and enjoy their benefits for yourself.

Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.