MOTO is the abbreviation of “Mail Order/Telephone Order”. It is used for referring to anything “non face-to-face” or “card not present”. Internet processing is sometimes referred as MOTO. Since the credit card is actually not being swiped in the machine, the fees and rates are higher when compared to transactions in which the card is present. One has to remember that MOTO also refers to retail merchants who “keys” in the information of the credit card with the help of the credit-card machine instead of swiping the credit card through a machine.

There are several ways in which the MOTO transactions cane be processed. They are listed below:

-      Virtual Terminal.

-      POS Software.

-      Touch-Tone Processing.

Virtual Terminal – a web-based, secure “terminal” which allows a user to enter the information of the credit cards manually is known as a virtual terminal. These terminals are advantageous as no software installations are required. The virtual terminals are accessible from any machine which can be connected to an internet. Moreover, it is one among the most cost-efficient methods for processing the MOTO transactions.

POS Software – POS is the abbreviation for “Point of Sale”. The POS software, like PC Charge Pro, ICVerify, among others will be installed on the computer. This software uses the computer’s modem for sending through the transactions made by credit cards. No detailed functions are offered by the POS software in comparison to the virtual terminals, but they have steeper price tags.

Touch-Tone Processing – The tough-tone processing is considered to be the most inexpensive and basic method for processing of credit cards. In this method of processing, additional equipment are not required. Here, a keypad is used on a telephone to order to enter the information of the credit card, amount, etc. this service can also be exploited with a cell phone. Touch-tone processing is a perfect solution regardless of the location. Hence, it also makes an excellent mobile solution. Though the pricing is cheap, the processing fee is high. Also, the touch-tone processors are very simple to set up. They are highly suitable for traders who process less than $10,000 every month.

The orders made through a telephone are processed at transaction rates that are higher in comparison to the retail accounts. These accounts were mainly created to meet the needs of the processing of credit cards for firms who receive sales either through the telephone or through the mail. The merchants who possess MOTO merchant accounts generally process the payments made by credit cards by entering the information of the card onto a terminal which consists of a keypad. This is done with the help of the terminal software installed on the computer along with the usage of virtual terminals. This allows the dealer to utilize a web browser for processing transactions on the service provider’s website. The MOTO service providers too charge fees such as discount rate, transaction fee, set up and application fee, the fee for using the virtual terminal, support fee and the fees for monthly statement.

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