Offshore Merchants Can Help You Boost Business

Cashless sales are experiencing massive growth brought about mainly thru electronic commerce. Behind the web pages and the internet servers that dish out web content are the merchant accounts that make it possible for anyone to buy anything online. Buying anything online is already beyond the traditional model of the grocery or the neighborhood store. Of course you might have heard of adult content, or escort services, or weight reduction pills, or budget airline tickets being peddled on the internet and all for the taking as soon as the credit card transaction is approved.

Well, not everything is rosy though.  Increasing instances of fraud and chargeback will make your domestic bank hesitant for each merchant account application passing through their desks. If you do get approved, domestic banks charge you with high rates and limit the volume of transactions made each month. Merchant accounts that are offered by domestic banks often limit sales domestically – ironic considering the worldwide phenomenon the internet has become.

This is the reason why business should look at other alternatives, like Offshore Merchants. As registered agent s of the Chicago based Premier Payment Systems, Offshore Merchants is backed by a 20 million dollar bond in 3 big US banks as a guarantee of its financial soundness. Offshore Merchants offers the following benefits to its distinct brand of merchant account.

  • Absence of any extraneous fees. No APPLICATION, MONTHLY, ANNUAL and TERMINATION fees
  • Low monthly charges ranging from 3 to 7 percent  compared to ten percent other banks charge especially when your site has a high volume of transaction
  • No credit check for all applicants
  • Accepts all types of industries – well as long as its legal

The only requirement Offshore Merchants ask for account holders is a ten percent equivalent that will serve as rolling reserve. How this typically works is that Offshore Merchant, after the first month of sales, will hold ten percent of your gross. This will be returned after your seventh month of operation. After your second month of operation, ten percent is held by Offshore Merchant to be returned on the eight month of operation. This goes on as long as your partnership with Offshore Merchant. If you maintain good transaction history, the ten percent as rolling reserve is typically reduced.

Offshore Merchants will provide the necessary backend to make your web site e-commerce capable. They will provide your page with virtual terminals and APIs that your site can connect to well tested e-commerce solutions as well as ACH (automated clearing house) and credit card processing. This will instantly transform your site into a global seller of goods and services that can accept sales orders 24 hours a day.

Backed by an expert team with a combined 30 years experience in the payments industry, Offshore Merchants can provide you assistance 24/7 worldwide either through voice or email assistance.

Businesses applying for merchant accounts usually take 7 to 10 days for approval if the nature of your business has lower transaction volumes, approval usually happen in a day. You may submit your application on-line or email it to 

Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.