Do you know what a merchant account is? It is an account that any business should have so that their customers will be able to pay using credit cards. There are many types of merchant accounts for the many types of business needs. The online offshore merchant account is one of them.

Several internet businesses like to open a credit card merchant account abroad for many reasons which include large volume requirements, the type and quality of products sold by the offshore provider, fast business growth and did not get approved at the local banks due to poor credit report or other reasons. Also, these offshore processing banks have an option where your business will not have to pay volume limits and therefore your business will have the advantage of higher flexibility and not be restricted by the strict laws governing your domestic bank. Several businesses like electronics, website hosting and software come under the category of “High Risk Businesses” and therefore, are better off if they use the “Offshore Merchant Account”. Some of the most respected companies on earth use the services provided by the offshore processors because of their product types and growth.

Increase in demand for the “Online Offshore Merchant Account”

The demand and need for these accounts is always on the rise. Because of the laws in the United States the processors and the banks tightened their acceptance and diligence to merchants who process payments from customers, online. If your company is expanding very quickly and your acquiring bank in the United States is on the verge of terminating your account, then the “Online Offshore Merchant Account” will be your saviour. These “Offshore Merchant Accounts” have become a necessity for any company doing business on the web.

What does it offer?

Some of the major advantages or selling points for the “Online Offshore Merchant Account” are:

  • Online View – You can access your account reports or activity anytime, provided you have a computer and access to the internet.
  • Check Accept – Your business will be able to process checks online through your provider.
  • Recurring Billing – You have the option to “Auto Bill” your recurring payments.
  • Virtual Terminals – This lets your business to process MOTO orders, providing high degree of convenience to your customers.
  • High Rates of Approval – Your application for the merchant account will be approved even if your credit reports are very bad.
  • Shopping Cart – The “Online Offshore Merchant Accounts” are very compatible with all the leading vendors of shopping carts.
  • Gateway – This is needed to process e – payments and it is normally offered for free by most of the service providers.
  • Processing of many currencies
  • The “Online Offshore Merchant Account” is capable of accepting payments from JCB, Solo, Switch, Discover, American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

The Online business has become a significant source of business for many companies. The reason for such a shift in business trends is that, the internet is accessible to a large number of people who can become customers.

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