An internet business needs traffic to live or survive. Attracting traffic, although easy to say, is achievable. Having a site that has is well designed and user friendly will not mean any thing if you are not able to attract traffic.

Attracting targeted traffic requires planning till a certain extent. Different types of businesses need different strategies. However, there are a few proven and basic methods to increase traffic generation:

  1. Command your visitors through interaction

These days, most businesses are conducted using blogs. To succeed in your business using blogs, you have to be highly interactive. Expressing your ideas and making positive contribution will add tremendous value for your target audience and readers, alike. You have to register with social networking websites like MySpace, Digg and Facebook to be active. These sites will give a good amount of exposure to your business.

  1. Get more good quality links

Another effective and efficient way to attract targeted traffic is by getting a good number of back links to your site. If you provide good quality content in your website, make sites which are ranked higher than yours will have a link to your website from theirs. Internet users love to read information that is interesting and gives value. Major search engines like Google, have great emphasis on quality content. Your site will be able to reach the number one spot in this way.

  1. Display your skills in writing

By writing good quality articles regarding your site and submitting them on major article sites like ezinearticles visibility of your website will be increased. With time, the readers who are searching for good content will know about your website through the link provided in the resource box. The quality of the article will also prove your expertise in the field. Readers will search for articles written by you. This will establish your credibility and lead to increase in flow of traffic.

  1. Use the Pay per click engines

The pay per click engines will get you highly targeted traffic. When the headlines of your advertisements are powerful, it will have a great impact. Keywords have a crucial role here. They will affect the cost of your pay per click campaign. This is an effective and efficient way to increase the traffic to your site. Since, this will generate targeted traffic; you can use it to make a list of potential customers also.

  1. Optimise your website

Lastly, it is crucial for your site to appear at high positions in the search results of major search engines for particular keywords. The popular search engines such as Google, expect the websites to be optimised. It uses sophisticated algorithms to give ranking to each site. Your site will get a good ranking from the Google spiders if your website is well optimised.

The bottom line is: generating traffic is difficult but it can be achieved by using the proper strategies and with patience, hard work, proper planning and perseverance.

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