During the past days, when merchant accounts system had just started, many fraudulent cases took place in the merchandise businesses. OffshoreMerchants.Net is one of the leading payment gateways which have introduced the solution for such deceptive measures to protect the merchant accounts.

The scams mostly look for the weaker payment gateways through which they use the valid credit card numbers to misuse. The merchant has to be very careful while choosing the correct payment gateway to receive payment and also to make payments. These days, the merchant account providers have come up with the solution to protect the use of credit card from scams and frauds. The scammers guess and enter the numbers of the credit card using the account number which is printed on the card. These numbers are guessed by them and they also try thousands of numbers until they are correct. The numbers may be right while guessing among thousands. They use the credit cards to make purchases from many merchants and e-commerce websites using the same number. The credit card holder has to suffer losses and also the merchants but the fraudsters and the scammers will be enjoying others rights and benefits. At the billing period, when the customer or the merchants gets the transaction statements, they end up with long bills of thousands of dollar value to their name against large purchases which they have not made.

The fraudsters and the scammers are very intelligent hackers in the real world. They have all the knowledge of the credit card processing and payment systems. The OffshoreMerchants.Net protects the credit card with multi-repeated security codes which is difficult for the scammers. The OffshoreMerchants.Net is able to protect the merchant’s and customer’s account using various new ideas and techniques, in the recent times. Scammers use the stealing process from the websites which have shopping carts and no payment gateway systems in merchant account. The shopping carts don’t have password protection which is an advantage for the scams and frauds. There are secured as well as unsecured e-commerce sites which have price differences according to the domain.

The customers and the merchants are not aware of the theft until they get a huge bill at the month’s end. Therefore it is very much important to approach a secure merchant account, safe payment gateways, etc. before availing a merchant account. The secure online payment gateways identify faulty and suspicious credit card information and deny the access. They even deny access to the credit card numbers which are repeatedly used for making a particular transaction. A certain limit on the use of the credit card is fixed by the modern security systems. The modern technique directly rejects faulty transactions to take place in the business.

The improvised systems of the modern technology provide the merchant account holders with a URL which is unique as well as secured. The merchant can only access the payment gateways so as to make safe transactions. This is the most reliable and convenient way to protect the credit card systems. There are other options where a merchant can change the password that is provided by the bank.

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