Reasons for high risk merchant accounts

Merchant Accounts are considered under high risk category. Signing a merchant account means that you are now running a flourishing business and owning it too. There are many facilities of owning a high risk merchant account. You can easily access and process your credit card for all purposes. This is very helpful when you have a successful online business but looking for an online high risk merchant account is a bit difficult. Not because you will not find one, but because you need to be associated with a genuine website. And to search for a legitimate website is to go through trial and error method or rely on the rating of the search engines.

You need not worry about these things because you can look for one that has a real experienced user’s review in it. Usually the websites that display the rates on their web pages are very low and they have various hidden charges most often. If you choose offshore merchants to open an account you need not worry even if your current supplier has closed your merchant. Here in fact they consider you as a separate case. But if you approach the bank or the processor, they are concerned about the type of your business and the whole process takes very long time to commence.

You get a variety of services depending upon the type of business you have online. In this online business people can operate from any computer and make payments or operate by using a virtual terminal. This virtual terminal allows the merchant to log in and he can manually process cards. There is provision for the customers to buy directly from the website of the merchant. The network merchant provides this virtual terminal and the businessmen can have a complete information on their account if they want to get it. If you are associated with offshore merchant, you will be provided with a free shopping cart that is included in your Internet account.

Even if you need a terminal set up of physical swipe system, offshore merchants will provide everything including the machine for you. In addition to all these facilities there are some remarkable provisions that you have here. The applications for high risk merchant accounts get approved in 7 – 10 days, you will be provided with complete assistance during the underwriting process of merchant application, you will be provided with a risk management technology and you have the customer service, which is at your service always. Here large number of merchant accounts is available for both domestic and international usage. The payments that are processed currently varies from $1000 to $39 million per month. Three huge banks of US have allowed the merchants to process through high risk merchant accounts associated with offshore merchants.

Even if your transaction is very high you don’t have to pay 9 – 10% for high volume risk if you join hands with offshore merchants, as you have to pay even below 3% here. There are various solutions for the high risk accounts. It depends upon your business and the transactions what you choose.

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