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To avail the various services provided at you would have to give details of your business type so that it is easy for them to provide you with exact service required. If you are an online merchant you must be aware of the virtual terminal and its importance. Almost all online businesses are operated with the help of virtual terminal as this technology helps the merchants to make and receive payments from anywhere in the world. This technology in fact also helps the customers to reach to the destination website directly. The network merchants actually provide this virtual terminal for the purpose and help you with its customer service all the time.

There are no extra charges levied if there is a transaction, any refund or on void or cancelled transactions. The business owners have the facility to view their account balance or reports any time. Even if a swipe card is involved in the business transaction, the whole set up is provided to you along with the service and the machine is also installed for you. You are guaranteed of fast and hassle free payouts and even if your monthly fee is low you can have the payouts. There are no monthly fee or minimum annual fee involved. You don’t have to worry about any junk fee too.

It is very easy to get registered here and you need to contact one of the sales representatives or fill up your details on the online form provided by just clicking on ‘apply online’ button. You will get complete detailed information on the home page of the website and everything is crystal clear here. They have the lowest rate when you compare Offshore Merchants from others. Thanks to the latest technology developments due to which world is a small place now. There are no limitations or boundaries to spread your businesses. Now with Offshore Merchants you can be safe with all your money transactions and even save the tax or overhead charges that are usually levied on each one of them.

Offshore Merchants offers you quick set up of your account and easily operate and run it. It is very convenient to see the details of the transactions for you. Now you don’t have to refuse payments from customers just because you cannot accept credit cards. Go ahead and enjoy the freedom of doing online business. You don’t have to worry about the amount transferred and whenever you want you can make the payouts. There are in fact multiple payments involved while running an online business and all has to be done via credit card. You cannot afford to loose money in every transaction. Here Offshore Merchant will help you if you open a high risk merchant account.

If you are not going to accept credit cards from your customers, they will find some other provider and your business will get affected. But with Offshore Merchants you can rely completely and feel free to expand your business without any hindrance or limitations.

Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.