In the ultra competitive and fast world of today, your business requires a good presence on the internet. It is no more considered as a luxury. Today it is necessary for the survival of your business. Whether your company is offline or online, traditionally, today, people demand fast access to your services and products, which means that you should have a web site for your business on which your services and products should be displayed, else your business will die or you will always remain behind your competitors.

Once you have developed a web site, you require lots of web traffic. Your web site may be extremely professional, but to attract visitors and generate traffic you need to have a good marketing campaign. Unlike a phone directory where all phone numbers are alphabetically listed, the URL’s of web sites are found only through key words, referrals, offline and online marketing or links. Hence, your web site will generate a good amount of traffic only if it is positioned well on the search engines. The most important thing to succeed in your online business is to have a good product or service.

Another major advantage of online business is that even small companies or one man operations run from a garage, will look like a huge corporation and compete will the real corporations. Therefore, the internet is a level playing field, where an individual can have a much larger share than a large corporation. But to achieve this you have to put in a lot of hard work.

While you don’t have huge budgets for marketing, like the big guns, you can still generate huge traffic by using unorthodox and economical methods for traffic generation. These are not just optimising your web sites for search engines or putting up banners on several sites. There are several unorthodox methods for traffic generation that are available in the market, for free, which are over looked by the big guns.

Some examples of such methods are advertising on discussion forums, community based sites, internet chats, online conferences, newsgroups, reciprocal links, mailing lists, classified ad sites, discussion groups, buttons, links on other non – competing websites, strategic marketing alliances, intranets, topic specific indices, specialized directories and signature files. All these methods are very effective and are available for free. Most or all of these methods are not used by any of the big guns.

The mantra in traditional businesses is “Location Location Location”. This mantra applies even for online businesses. To generate more traffic, you have to make sure that your link or URL appears all over the internet, more importantly on the screens of potential customers.

You can offer freebies like software, books, e-zines, reports or articles or some incentive on your product in return for a link to your website. If what you offer is valuable, then people will get the urge to reciprocate and help in improving your business. But, if people feel that the freebie given by you is useless then they will say bad things about you and your business.

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