Traffic generation is very easy if you know the secrets that are involved in it. This article will give you a few tips and enlighten you about some secrets about traffic generation.

You can have a forum or discussion board on your website, where you start an interesting discussion and invite your visitors to participate. This will generate a lot of traffic to your site and the posts in the forum will increase your search engine rankings as well. Most of the people who enter your forum will also check out your site, thereby generating more traffic for you. You can also offer a free newsletter or e-zine subscription by taking their email addresses. Also give away bonuses to those people who subscribe for it. By taking their email addresses or contact details you can build a customer list for your self and inform all of them when you have any new offers or when you have some new product or service.

Offer to people to book mark your site. This will be possible only if you provide good quality content which is interesting and informative, on your site. This will make people spend more time in your site, reading articles and also make them return for more. Give away free stuff to your regular visitors. You can also offer bonus goods to owners of other web sites. You can allow other people to use your content, without tampering it. In this way your site will receive a lot of publicity. Also, you can permit your customers to give the freebies provided by you to others. These freebies will contain your URL which will give you a lot of exposure.

Ask your visitors and customers to refer their family and friends to your web site. If they like the website, there is a good chance that their family and friends will also like the site, thereby increasing traffic to your web site.

Create a guest book and invite your visitors to sign in it. When your visitors sign the book, they will provide comments or feedback, about your site, that will help you improve your site. In this way you will be able to get more traffic because your site will be updated and is according to the tastes of your visitors.

If you have products of your own, you should have an affiliate program. Having many affiliates promoting your site is a good way to generate traffic and increase sales in your website, resulting in an increase in net profit. All that the program will cost you is a portion of the profit which you have to give the affiliate.

If you bought a service or product which is good, you can provide a testimonial or a product review and then include the URL of your web site at the end or in the resource box. When your testimonial is approved and placed on another website, you will increase the back link’s count by one and also, your URL will be seen by people.

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