The only thing required by online businesses to survive in this competitive world is web traffic. Without web traffic, any site, though it is well designed and attractive, will not be able to survive for long.

Traffic will not come to your site automatically. It has to be generated. There are several methods to generate it. Traffic generation strategies should be designed particularly for your business, since every business has its own requirements.

Strategy 1

Try and get more back links to your site. This can be done by reaching the number one spot on Google or any other major search engines. You have to optimise your website for search engines since each search engine has its own algorithm to assess your site. Reaching the number one position on major search engines itself prove that your site is providing good content and is properly optimised, which is why the search engines love it. Provide good content in your website and blog, as it will fetch you quality inbound links from credible and quality sources.

Strategy 2

Be interactive, use you blog to interact with your peers and users. Blogging is only meant for conservations, so make good use of it. Make sure that your blog is used for transparent, helpful and sincere conservations. You have to participate generously, as it will lead to generation of traffic. You can also get huge volumes of traffic from sites like MySpace, Facebook, Digg and so on. Register with Squidoo and develop a personal lens. These sites will also help you to catch up with the ideas and trends.

Strategy 3

Display your good writing skills by creating reports and articles and uploading them on popular article directories such as Articlesbase, Dropjack, Articledashboard and Ezinearticles. You will get a good flow of traffic in to your site if the articles are written well and appear on high traffic highways. The reports and articles written by you should provide relevant information and be interesting in order to generate traffic. They should attract the interest of the readers. Therefore use a well structured approach.

Strategy 4

“Pay Per Click” engines are a very good tool to generate traffic. These engines generate highly targeted flow of traffic to your blog or website. Create captivating head lines and win the customer. Monitor the pattern of bidding for your keywords. Remember that your ad will cost you more if you have used popular keywords.

Strategy 5

As mentioned before, your site or blog has to be optimised for search engines. Major search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google use different algorithms for the same purpose. Moreover, these algorithms change with time. Keywords analysis is not the main determinant. You have to optimise your blog or website to show up in the first five search results on major search engines.

The bottom line is, generating traffic to your blog or website is a must if it must survive. Always search for new ways to generate traffic and be a proactive individual.

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