Total High Risk Merchant Services is a processor of credit cards. Here the processing happens in one step. They are rated as good. The monthly prices offered by them are average. One important thing about the service is that once the setting up of account is done within a time period of 48 hours money can be received from customers. However start-up costs are a bit higher although not very high compared to other services. So for those who are adamant on a less start up cost this will not be the best choice for them.

Getting approval will not be a problem as far as Total High Risk Merchant Services is considered as their approval rating is excellent for merchant accounts which are new. If the merchants accounts follow the criteria mentioned below the approval will be hundred percent.

The criteria are as follows

1)    Master Card or Visa volume per-month should be low than $10, 000

2)    Business type should be acceptable

3)    Service Liability in future should be lesser than thirty days- The meaning of this is that customer will be able to receive the service or product within a time period of one month of charge of credit card.

The costs of Total High Risk Merchant Services are very low compared to many others. The cost is inclusive of the following

1)    Statement Fee-$10.00

2)    Monthly minimum-$25.00

3)    Transaction Fee- $0.20

4)    Chargeback fees- $15.00


The charge back cost is also considered to be affordable. The rate of discount offered by them is 2.25%.

The cost of starting up of Total High Risk Merchant services is $245.00. In comparison with some other services this is a bit higher as mentioned above so it is not suitable for those who are adamant on low start-up cost.

Once an application is received the processing of it happens within four days following which within 2 days the customer can receive money.

They offer the customers the opportunity to select from Advanced Merchant Services and for one’s gateway payment. They also offer four models of P.O.S terminals for a customer’s retail business. This is a good choice.

They offer services of merchant accounts for almost every type of business. For business based on net merchant account plans are offered by them. Using these plans a customer can work with the site which already exists.

For business ordered by mail or phone they have Terminal Solution which is virtual and a software based on Personal Computer. These include recurring billing as well as Check Processing.

To ensure the customer of their money spent on processing of credit cards, they have a system in which they offer a calculator to calculate the cost of credit card processing. Using this, a customer can make out whether he is paying more for processing of credit cards. Total High Risk Services claim of assured savings on processing of credit cards with their services.

They offer a twenty-four hour customer service. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.