Have you heard about the new online marketing technique called “Tag and Ping”? This is the recent craze or trend that has hit the internet world – bringing with it instant exposure for your web sites and several back to back links to web sites. This is a completely new system to get information, and a new ball game for the web masters to play.

Tagging is a system to make a mark on things, on the net. In the last decade, search engine spiders would look through a web site and determine its relativity to any key word; but today, due to tagging, people themselves determine what a web site is about and then “tag it”. The tag has a brief description of the web page or its category.

This brings in a completely new way of finding out what internet users are looking for, for the owners of web pages. Once they get such information, they can create pages that are attracting, informative and very easy to locate. One great way for owners of web pages to do research is by book marking pages. All they have to do is see the popular tags and find out which pages are getting book marked by most number of people. Put in a new twist or some interesting information and your web page will become very popular. Pages that are book marked will also allow you to figure out the subjects on which you have to create articles or build information products. You will also be able to figure out the new niches that you can jump in to.

Once you have completed the task of tagging the information on your site, you should ping any of the “tag search engines” that come quickly and index all the pages accordingly. Your site will appear in the number 1 position until some one else create another page for the same tag.

This technique gives you more power in deciding the search engine ranking of your web site. You don’t have to completely rely on the search engine algorithms, now. Real people tagging real websites attracting real traffic. You don’t have to waste time any more for searching on search engines to get relevant information. Just enter the key words or phrases and you will find what internet users are interested in.

The increase in popularity of this technique has lead to the birth of the term “Social bookmarking”. Internet users are creating bookmarks on servers, rather than their private computers. Internet users surf the web and tag those web sites that are newsworthy. Then, these sites appear on search engines. Other users who are interested in similar kind of topics can find the web pages easily. Since the pages are voted by real users, they will be more relevant.

If your web page is for a popular tag, then you will be able to get instant traffic. You will also get a huge number of back links, since search engines pick these tags. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.