If you are similar to most of the web masters, then you would have spent a lot of energy and time trying to get a chunk of internet traffic. Most probably you would have invested time and money on email safe lists, text link and banner advertisements, classifieds and search engine optimisation. Were these methods as successful as you expected them to be? Did you get enough flow of traffic to your web site? Are you interested to learn about a more cost effective and easier way to generate high volumes of traffic to your web site, over night?

There is an excellent alternative to all these advertising techniques that is extremely effective in traffic generation. What if you found a way to get hold of an existing traffic base which is overlooked by most web masters? You can then direct these visitors to your own site. Yes, this is definitely possible. You can also direct traffic to your site from places such as the Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ. Not only is this legal and extremely quick, it can be got for a small fraction of the cost that you pay for other traffic generation techniques.

This is a very powerful technique of increasing traffic to your web site by using expired domain names. Every day there are more than 3 million visits which are lost due to expired domain names. What’s the cause of this?

Registration of Domain names have to be renewed once in a year to remain active. If the owner of the domain name does not pay the renewal charges, the name will expire. Then, that domain name can be purchased by any one else.

You can make profits from expired domains by taking advantage of the effort and time put in by the previous web master of that domain name. Expired domains will have many back links, a good page rank and will also be indexed in popular search engines. Many times the URL of that expired domain name will be incorporated in several paid web directories.

You can profit from expired domain names either by inserting your own content on that web site or by redirecting the visitors to any one of your related web site. When you are redirecting the visitors you have to make sure that your site has a similar theme and offers similar products.

Another way to profit from these expired domain names is by purchasing popular names which have recently expired and reselling them through domain name agents, forums or even put it up for auction on eBay.

Several thousand domain names expire each day. Finding the most suitable domain name by your self is a time consuming task. There are firms which provide services that locate expired domain names for you. They provide searchable and categorised listings of the available domain names and also provide alerts in your email.

This is a highly overlooked technique that has great potential to generate traffic for you. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.