The transportation business is a highly lucrative business. Unfortunately, getting a merchant account in this business is a difficult task. There are only very few account providers who will take the risk. Most of the providers are not interested in this industry because of the high risk involved. This business comes under the high risk business category.

Finally, after some digging, when you find an account provider you will mostly be faced will several restrictions for the services they offer to you. For example, the merchant account providers will only approve transactions dealing with hotel stays, car rentals and commissions. They will not agree to accept for airplane tickets, tours and cruises.

The most unfortunate part is that the account providers will not tell you that the cruises, tours and plane tickets are not covered in the services until a customer begins to complain and then starts asking questions. That is not a good way to do business but in reality that is how it is done. The merchants should be given a clear list of services which they are entitled to use and pay for.

Before the transaction is going to take place, the merchant must have the approvals for the particular amount. Some account providers are willing to approve all the services; however the merchant will have a limit for those kinds of transactions.

When a merchant applies for and gets a credit card merchant account for his travel business, he will find out that there are several hidden fees attached to his merchant account. Such fees may include batch fees, annual fees, monthly fees and others which are not listed till the first months statement arrives.

The next disadvantage is when the merchant will not reach his minimum target for the month then he will have to pay service fee. Also, be careful of merchant providers who try to sell merchandise not required by you. First they sell it to you and then you will be locked in an expensive deal.

Beware of the “Teaser Rates”. These are only temporary rates that are used to attract the merchant. Later the rates will be raised and you will not be able to afford it. Also, since the service rates are very low you should look for any sort of penalties associated with the offer.

The greatest loss for merchants till today has been through hidden fees. Therefore, be very careful to look carefully into the fine print before you sign the dotted line. One of the most important services that should be offered by the providers is the customer service facility. This service is generally neglected by the providers and the merchants, while inquiry, and then later regret it.

Therefore, look for an account provider who offers you good quality services. After all, the merchants are paying the merchant account providers for all the services offered by them. If they cannot provide the service or do the specified work on time, then you should look for another service provider.

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