Types of HIGH RISK OFFSHORE Merchant Accounts

for the acceptance of a payment made by credit card in trade, one needs to have the merchant account. It is an essential part for processing and accepting payments made by credit cards via a web site. A merchant account also facilitates the acceptance of clients’ credit cards in a secure and safe manner.

While accessing a merchant account through the internet, security is considered a key issue. The volume and nature of the business is to be considered before opening a merchant account. Hence it is important to understand the conditions involved in operating an account.

Following are the 3 types of merchant accounts that one could consider before selecting the most suitable merchant account:

  • On line merchant account
  • Panama merchant account
  • Internet merchant account

Online Merchant Account: This type of account is suitable for people who not only desire advertising their products online but also want to sell them online. After a product is purchased, the payment is done online with the help of Merchant Service. “Merchant Service” is a software that enables transactions through a credit card.

Panama Merchant Account: this type of account provides simple access of the online business to customers all over the world with the help of modern technology. With the help of a panama merchant account, it is possible to get the best deal from any part of the world. Since the bank is in a different location, it leads to reduction in taxes and places the business in a constructive virtual world. This type of account also provides great opportunity to businesses that involve high risk by providing a number of offshore benefits as well as a good consumer base.

Internet Merchant Account: This type of account with a financial institution or a bank allows a business owner to accept payments made by credit cards by his customer through the internet. This account is suitable for those who market worldwide account services. These services include secure and safe payment gateways as well as safe virtual terminals. In addition to these services, the international merchant accounts also have online reporting. The merchant accounts also accept all major debit/credit cards used by the customers. The payment gateways transmit the essential data to the online provider of merchant accounts. However, the local banks do not provide online merchant accounts facility.

It is advisable to choose a replica merchant account provider who facilitates offshore accounts with no sales limit. In addition to this, the provider should also offer safe payment gateways along with risk management and virtual terminal techniques. Another vital issue to be considered is fraud protection in case of high risk businesses. Facilities for secure online processing and tools for fraud protection are the other factor to be considered. The account providers must ensure that the owners of replica account can provide services such as multi-currency processing and the different payment solutions to the customers. 3D secure and SSL-encrypted servers add to the security in case of replica accounts.

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