This is a type of merchant account which is highly useful. The most important usage of wireless merchant account is the fact that payments can be processed irrespective of the time and location. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is if you are in need of cash it is made available to you with the use of Wireless merchant accounts.

The present generation merchants have realized that authorizations and sales of credit cards are of enormous use to them like any of the merchants. The transactions made by most of the wireless merchants are faster compared to other transactions. This is very important for them in today’s world.

The merchant accounts which are in the category of wireless merchant accounts have a restricted use. They are applicable to only wireless transactions. It has a processing volume which is it’s own besides fee schedule which is common among all of the merchant accounts.

There are different types of merchant accounts. The wireless merchant accounts will not be a best choice for business which are home based. So while applying for a merchant accounts the account type that you prefer has to be mentioned.

Application for a wireless merchant account can be made online.

An example of such a site is Card street. They offer mobile/ wireless merchant accounts. The application for them can be made free. This is an important aspect of this site. This is very much helpful for people especially for those who are planning to start a new business. During start up each bit of money is important. They are at the top among the processors of credit cards.

Wireless merchant accounts are useful in enabling merchants for accepting debit and credit cards payment at portable terminals.

The advantages associated with wireless processing are as mentioned below.

1)     It enables a merchant for immediate acceptance of payments at conventions, trade shows etc.

2)     The customer can possess the card all the time which result in an increased security.

3)     The cost of processing is reduced. This is because they are generally given best rates.


Like the advantages wireless processing have their own demerits also. They are

1)     Cost of the equipment and 2) Coverage of network.

Some of the systems used for processing of wireless accounts are as mentioned below.

1)     Paynet Systems: Their features include

1)     Approval Time of 24 hours

2)     posses “wholesale equipment prices”

3)     Minimum monthly fees is not there

4)     Annual fees and long-term deal is not there

2)     Charge: Their features are as follows

1)     Transaction processing is immediate

2)     Encrypted, secure SSL

3)     Orders by credit cards  can be processed manually with ease; this is made possible because of a web-based terminal

4)     All types of credit cards can be accepted

3) Payment Max: The features of them are as mentioned below

    1) Processing is fast

    2) Cards can be taken in a single day

    3) Hidden charges, batch fees and statement fees are not there

    4) Excellent customer service

    5) Worldwide customers

    6) Security is of state-of –the art quality.

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