A Pre Paid Offshore Debit Card


There are many people who suffer while they try to meet both ends in their livelihood. Some people have problems for closure, difficulty to get loan. Some of them have problems getting home mortgages. Thus each of us is trying to balance our accounts each month.  

If are confused with regard to opting between a credit or debit card, it is better to know the merits of choosing a debit card. To purchase things with the help of a credit card is like holding fire in the hands knowingly. If you are a disciplined person who pays back the credit regularly, credit card might not be a problem. The worst thing that will happen to you is you will have to pay the double amount of which you had to pay earlier. If you are a debit card holder, you will have to pay the same amount as cash. But if you are unable to produce the money with connection to the card, it will be rejected.

There are people who save money in a pre paid debit card for a day that might rain. The person will not get too much of an interest on the amount. The other benefit is that for the initial one year, one need not pay fee on a monthly basis.


Until you do a transaction in a month, there are no fees for every month. This

kind of benefit is a relief for the card holders. There are some people who give

 their children debit cards which are pre paid. This is to understand the kind of

purchases they make each time. The parents will have full knowledge of the on

line purchases they make and the amount the spent on it. The will have the freedom

to decide whether to give the children access to ATM cards. One can just cancel

 the cards and get it replaced if they lose it somewhere.


Always make sure you buy debit cards from reliable organizations. If you buy the

card which you can hang on the wall, you will get into trouble. If you lose such

cards, the entire money in your account will be lost forever. There are some

department stores who offer debit cards which can be reloaded. It is not

advisable to buy those cards however.

A reliable debit card has these features :

  • Do not have fee or origination

  • Do not have fee on a monthly basis

  • No cost for loading money from your account

  • You can track the spending of money

  • One can set a limit for your spending

One does not have to spend a lot of time for applying debit cards. You can follow

the normal procedure of applying any other card for this card also.

This will usually be issued with the name of a brand . Any person even if he has a

bad history with regard to credit will be issued this card.


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