Accepting credit cards over the internet without a HIGH RISK merchant account

There are mainly two ways to accept credit-cards over the internet from a website. The first way is to acquire a merchant account, but is an expensive option. In addition to the cost, there is a lot of paperwork, involves extensive credit-cards and usually takes some time before a trader gets approved. However, there exists another alternative that is free from such hassles.

There are a number of 3rd party processors who accept payments made by credit cards on a trader’s behalf. For taking the trouble of accepting credit card payments, the 3rd party processors usually charge a percentage of the sale. Generally, the rates vary from one processor to another; hence it is essential to do some amount of research well in advance. By doing so, traders can get the best suited processor for their business. There are certain providers who accept all types of services and goods, while other concentrate only on certain services and goods.

General purpose third party payment providers include:

PayPal – PayPal is a third party payment processor which is known for offering services at lower rates. The cost for each transaction is lower when compared to other third party payment providers. PayPal gives great support as well as excellent documentation which helps in setting up the system very quickly. – Here, traders will be charged with a nominal set-up fee. Also, the cost for each transaction too is reasonable. Discount rates are average and the serve is good. Through them, almost all the major credit-cards can be accepted.

Digital information 3rd party payment providers include –

Citibank – Here, traders will be asked to pay a one-time activation fee. After this, a fee will be charged for each transaction but it is reasonable. Moreover, Citibank also offers the use of an affiliate program through which traders can get profits when their products are sold by others.

Digibuy – This is an e-commerce solution of software publishers, electronic art, shareware, data and information. A minimum amount is charged for each transaction. Traders will also be provided with a number of features such as order forms that can be branded, test orders and invoicing.

If a trader is looking for having chopping carts that can be branded, then Citibank is the best option. Citibank allows traders to customise their order forms based on their liking so that their consumers do not navigate from their website. This helps traders to build trust amongst their consumers.

It is essential for traders to know that accepting payments made from credit cards over the internet is not very expensive. In several cases, credit checks will not be required at all. Almost all the services make deposits directly into the traders account; hence adding to the convenience. All the 3rd party processors aid traders in setting up the system. When a trader has to accept credit cards inexpensively and quickly, he/she needs to consider the above mentioned options. One of these will surely meet the requirements for a particular business.

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