There are several advantages to the owner by having an e – commerce website. Some of them are given below:


The overhead costs are very low here when you compare to the conventional method of doing business because domain name and hosting will cost you less than 120 pounds per year. Agreed that insurance and storage costs also have to be considered, but the difference is still huge.

Online Marketing

Marketing your ecommerce website on the internet is several times cheaper than the conventional forms of marketing. Marketing on the internet includes publishing articles at internet web sites, directory submission, search engine optimisation and many more which cost much lesser than displaying advertisements on TV. By making your site appear in the top ranks of a search engine, you will be able to reach out to many new customers who were unaware of your web site before that time. SEO will cost you just 150 pounds each month. Compare this with the expenses of conventional marketing which includes promotional campaigns.

Global Reach

Internet is inherently a global tool. The number of prospective customers is much larger than the normal retailer will ever have. The travel restrictions and geographical boundaries don’t exist in ecommerce, which makes it possible to reach out to all the people who have internet access across the globe.

There are several ideas and considerations that you have to consider before setting up an online store. If you have to capitalise well, then the make a proper analysis of the consumer trends and shopping habits of the customers.

According to experts, there are 2 important factors that affect online customers. They are “Trust” and “Functionality”. Very obviously there are many places where an online shop owner can control these 2 factors and make the shopping experience a favourable one for the customers.

If your e – commerce web site is easy to navigate and easy to use then the customers become familiar with your site very quickly, making them to return to your site for all future purchases because of the friendly experience they had. Also, they will not want to waste time and money on becoming familiar with another online store. An uncluttered and clear layout will help you to achieve this. After the customer has found his products and added it in the shopping cart, you have to make sure that the checkout process is simple and easy. Then, make sure that you deliver the product to the customer on time. Also make sure that your products are of good quality.

An ecommerce business website also has to develop a strong and clear reputation by making sure that these areas are covered properly:

Utility – includes bargains, good deals, convenience and speed of delivery

Brand Elements – build a powerful reputation for delivery, honesty and fairness of products.

Online shoppers also consider the security issues before they click the buy button. If they are not satisfied that you will handle their information securely then they will not do business with you.

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