Advantages of offshore merchant accounts along with payment gateways

In spite of attention from the media towards Google Checkout, an alternative system for payment, the transactions from credit card is still the popular option for online purchases by customer. These alternative systems for payment will generate a mediator between dealer and customer and this will not only confuse the customer, but hurts the business. The payment through credit card is building a successful bridge between customer and business. For the credit card transaction you need to possess a merchant account and payment gateway.

Merchant account is nothing but a bank account for business purpose which gives you access for collection of payment from bank accounts or credit cards. Merchant accounts are given by banks, financial institutions after verifying the funds availability, authorized transaction where one can deposit or take funds from bank account (customers) into merchant account.

Majority of the merchants have e-commerce account but may not have money, technical resources and expertise to establish a direct connection to networks of processing payments. For the above mentioned reason the payment gateways like Authorize.Net and others support these merchants with necessary security and complex infrastructure to establish the connection for merchant’s website to a network of payment process. The payment gateway just acts like a swiping machine of credit card in retail world.

There are so many advantages of merchant account along with payment gateway system over other alternate systems of payment which are as follows:

You can receive your money within two days and it will automatically be deposited into your merchant account. But whereas with other payment systems it may take up to five days to receive money in your account.

As the merchant accounts are with financial institutions, the funds will be FDIC insured providing safety for your money. But with alternate payment system the funds may not be insured.

A credit card payment is the best option as it easy to access and reachable by customer. This is helpful during online purchase. In other systems they need to create an account in order to purchase.

This payment gateway along with merchant account offers flexible and reasonable prices. 

With this system the fraud control can be set by you according to your business needs. With other systems there is no support for fraud detection and protection.

This system offers support to customers via online, email and over phone. In other alternate payment system these features may be limited.

With this system you will be represented by acquiring bank and your reseller where both will share the interest. Other alternate system offer mediation service representing both seller and buyer.

This is the preferred system for payment gateway in terms of both merchants and resellers. It provides greater satisfaction for user. But in other alternatives the percentage of satisfied users are less.

In this system the customer will be able to pay without forcing him to leave your site. With other alternate payments system the process of check out will be interrupted and customer will have to leave the website (yours) for payment.

With this system you will able to build your brand and have more repetitive customers making their payments for the products offered. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.