Asking for references while choosing a HIGH RISK POS system

While selecting a point of sale system, it is always better to the salesperson to give references so that you get the opportunity to talk to a person who has first hand experience of using the product. Taking time out to contact the references and enquire about the product not only helps in selecting the right system but also keeps you away from a number of problems.

Apart from asking the salesperson for references of businesses that work on the same lines as yours, also ask for references of businesses that have addressed issues successfully, the issues being starting a restaurant or switching from cash registers. By talking to references, a trader will be in a position to determine of the POS firm has kept their sales promise or not.

References need to be asked the following questions –

  1. Have other POS solutions been used?

The reason behind asking this question is that if the references have operated and owned a single POS solution, they have nothing for evaluating their experiences with. These references could be getting the worst services available without their knowledge or realization. References that have utilised services of many POS solutions will provide better information.

  1. What was the reason behind purchasing this point of sale solution?

You can learn about thing that should not be done while purchasing a POS solution. It always helps to talk to someone with equivalent business issues who have found a POS system that fits their needs the best.

  1. Did the point of sale deliver according to expectations?

It is best to choose a firm that lives up to its words than the one that does not.

  1. What specific feature is best liked about the POS?

It is always nice to have features but almost all POS systems have similar features available. The thing that matters is good support and service which cannot be found easily in this business. If the reference says that the best feature is the firm’s service, then you have just found yourself a good firm.

  1. What are the issues that have been faced with the POS?

It is essential to know if the issues faced by the reference were just minor ones or were there major faults in the software which prevented the reference from doing fundamental tasks.

  1. How were the issues addressed by the POS firm?

A firm that quickly responds to an issue indicates that this firm provides great service. Hence, the response time of the company needs to he asked as well as what actions were taken to resolve the issue.

  1. Rank the sales expectation on a scale of 10.

This gives the confidence whether the words of a salesperson can be trusted or not. Ensure that the reference’s expectations from the end product were met after they began using it.

  1. Rank the service experience on a scale of 10.

Since service is very important, it is essential to get a good score for this question. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.