HIGH RISK Bar code software

Now-a-days, all wholesale as well as retail goods are labeled by using bar codes. Even small retail items such as pencils or chocolates are labeled with unique bar codes for accurate identification. Barcodes specify particular symbols and can be identified by spacing between each bar and the width and height of each bar. Each bar could represent only character data, alphanumeric data or numeric data, based on the symbol used.

For the data to be read precisely by the scanner, each bar code has one start bar and end bar. A few barcodes have an extra bar in the end which is referred to as checksum barcode. After the sum is calculated by the scanner, accuracy is checked with the checksum barcode’s value. This reduces the probability of the occurrence of an error and also ensures that the calculations have been carried out precisely.

Barcodes can be read with the help of barcode scanner. A bar code scanner is a photo sensor which converts each bar in the barcode into an electric signal based on its height, width and spacing. The electrical signals are then measured with the help of software that converts these signals into legible characters are recognising them. The software of the scanner then transmits the readable data to computer terminal. This entire process in takes place very quickly, this is, in a couple of seconds.

The software being used for tracking bar codes is an accurate one; it maintains precise records of all the scanned bar codes. This makes sure that the data about the products that have been sold is recorded by the software itself. Since the data is recorded by the software loaded in the computer, the retrieval of data can be done without any fuss. Moreover, since this process is faster when compared to entering the data manually, it not only saves time but also works more efficiently.

Barcodes are very useful while tracking the inventory for generating annual reports. For the retailers, scanning their goods is an efficient and time saving process since the probability of occurrence of errors decreases while recording or calculating data. Shopping malls and supermarkets find barcodes extremely useful to look after consumer needs in small time periods, rather than making consumers wait in long queues while entering the data into the PC manually.

It is crucial to handle financial matters carefully since even a slight problem could lead to complexities which take long periods to solve. Especially in surgical and medical fields, it is difficult when clerical errors are committed when inventory is taken. The usage of barcode software eliminates this problem since the rate of error is very low.

It is important that a business chooses the best type of barcode so that the critical errors as well as other problems are minimised to a great extent. Barcode scanners and the related software are quite inexpensive in comparison to the wages given to clerks. Moreover, they are efficient, easy to use and long-lasting and can be used for all types of products.

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