Basic criterions for being a offshore credit card holder

Common man finds it very easy to get a credit card swiped and thereby enjoying the purchase to its maximum.  But it is very difficult to get the initial stages of credit card right and perfect. One can begin the process of applying for the credit cards by doing certain official procedure. Once you have done these formalities, you can get a credit card on your own name. The process of selection is very tough and there is no guarantee that the persons who apply for it will get it approved.

The process of gaining the credit card starts by finding the credit worthiness of the particular customer.

Credit worthiness means checking whether the applied person will be in a position to pay the bills. The process of applying for the credit cards is the same as an interview for the user. If the person has a higher credit limit, the chance of the credit card user will be high. One must be credit worthy in order to have a credit card. The issuer can find this by going through the banking details. The applicant must satisfy the issuer with the details that are given in the banking documents. If the applicant was able to make the payments within a month, one will easily get the credit card without much difficulty. If the applicant has a default history in the bank in the past occurrences, the issuer might deny the credit card.

Another criterion that is looked is the credit capacity of the applicant. The bank calculates this by looking at the income along with the loans and liabilities he has. If the person has paid the instalments of the loan correctly without much delay, the issuer will rate the application greatly. If the issuer found out that the applicant has delayed or made defaults in the payment, the person will not be issued the credit card.

There is another factor which is looked into and that is character. The issuing agency might want to know whether the deals of the applicant are straight forward and truthful.  If the issuing agency come to know about it after you have applied for the card, they will take decisions depending on the promises given by reliable people. The issuer gets the information from financial deals which you have done along with utility and payment bills.

The issuer will seek references from the employers. They will take decisions based on the copy of the payment slips that are given by the employers. The identity card or social security number is another deciding factor while you apply for the pan card. The social security number will provide all information about the applicant. The issuer will also look into the lifestyle of the applicant. They will find out whether the applicant uses consumable items. If he or she is a good user, the credit card will be issued to him without much confusion. 

The assets or other properties possessed by the applicant will also be looked into while issuing the credit cards. This is because each and every property he or she possesses will reflect the life style that is followed by the individual.

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