Batch processing includes those facilities which can process hundreds or thousands of payment at one time. It is given in the form of mail order, Direct Marketing Account or telephone order. A secure internet connection is required to process the credit card and for authorisation purpose. The transactions are calculated and maintained on a daily basis. How much ever the transactions may take place during the day, the total number of transactions is grouped and the funds are sent in batches at the end of the day. If a merchant, out of his curiosity, checks the statements during the middle of a day then he will only be able to see one deposit and no other transactions.

The funds are sent to the processor through POS terminals which is carried out electronically.

A database file is to be maintained. One may use Microsoft Excel or Access to create databases of the customers and the transactions. Immediate processing of the database transaction is done and a response is provided on each of the transactions.

Merchants having recurring merchant account can also avail these services. The recurring accounts have monthly subscription system. Here, a merchant can upload a file that contains all the transactions that took place throughout the month. This system gathers information of each transaction and prepares the bill for respective customers. Every transaction detail and the pending work are completed at the end of the month. This helps in maintaining a clear and complete as well as successful transaction at the end of every month. No credit balances are forwarded to the next month but it has to be complete.

After the bank receives the file of the transactions, they transfer funds to the merchant account within two days. A good businessman or a merchant gets good discounts depending upon the work, processing and many other factors which are done on time. If any merchant is irregular in processing and submitting the work then he may not be given a privilege to enjoy the discount services.

Many new systems have emerged for batch processing. It is important to be careful while choosing the batch processing system for your business. These systems are easy to access for making purchasing, authorisation and various other credit transactions. A CSV file has to be created in order to send the files through FTP connection. If there are fewer transactions that have been made in a day then there is no need to batch such file records. Those files can be sent separately but it is very much exceptional. All the transaction that a merchant has made can be viewed online. Both the merchant and the customers can access their database accounts using an internet connection. Drag and drop options are also available in batch processing system. This makes the uploading of files easy and quick. The services are carried out in a fast and efficient manner. The FTP connection which is required is a type of application which can be installed on the computer for use. This software is user friendly and is very convenient to access.

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