Benefits of an OFFSHORE International Debit Card

International debit-card is accepted worldwide. This card can be used to make payments and purchases; one can also extract money from any of the ATMs worldwide. This card comes along with the brand-logo of Visa or MasterCard.

The characteristics of an international debit-card are as listed here:

Firstly, primary account: It is required that the cardholder must open a checking or savings account with bank, which issues this card. Nearly all fees and withdrawals levied by bank are subtracted from the primary account.

Secondly, the wide usage of ATM: You can utilize this card to extract money from card-issuing bank ATMs worldwide without any extra charges.

Thirdly, banking tie-up: Bank that issues international debit-card can tie-up with many other banks, so as to provide more efficient and convenient services to customers. Certain banks do not possess branches in certain region or country. During such circumstances, join hands with banks to obtain wider communication.

Let us now consider the benefits of using this international debit-card facility:

Firstly, this card is valid and widely accepted internationally.

Secondly, while travelling you obtain convenient-access to the offshore funds.

Thirdly, security is provided during each transaction with the Pin facility.

Fourthly, for the lost card you obtain zero liability.

Fifthly, mini-statements for account can be accessed easily from any part of the world.

Sixthly, various discounts can be obtained from different merchant establishments.

Seventhly, your spending limit is controllable.

Financial crisis globally has tightened all the bank regulations, thereby even the tiniest mistake may lead to freezing of ones account. Massive inflation, gave rise to increase in the commodity costs and massive job-layoffs. Most of them are left sulking, due to the shortage of finances.

To prevent the bank accounts from getting freezed, 2-GetCash-International debit-card was issued. 2GC debit-card permits one to use private offshore account to access from any ATMs worldwide.

The government cannot interfere in any of the rules of the primary account as per the Panaman laws. International debit-card which is related to the offshore-bank account is freeze verified.  

Few of the features which are exhibited by this international debit-card are as listed here:

Global: This card can be given to residents who stay anywhere in the world.

Qualifies: The qualification is nothing but the capability to make payment for this card, both banked and un-banked consumers can take this card. 

Instant Issuance: You can obtain this card instantly, since the name of cardholder is optional.

Versatile Worldwide-application: This card provides convenience and funds which can be granted to employees anywhere across the world.

Accessibility: Using this card, you can withdraw cash greater than 1,500,000 from any of the ATM’s worldwide to purchase services and products at twelve million locations worldwide.

Many more benefits exist for cardholders holding this card, they are as listed here:



No annual-charges

No cash transaction and cash conversion charges

Saves pay check hurdles and risks

Security features

Fund Transfers: All cardholders can inexpensively and conveniently transfer the funds to relatives and friends anywhere. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.