Money is the key factor in any business. People do business to earn money. It is a give and take policy. In the early days, when money was not in use, the give and take policy or the transaction between two people was known as barter system. This was a system of exchanging goods for goods. For example: A cow was exchanged for three goats. Later money came into use for making payments while purchasing. Now, in the modern era, the internet has created a payment system through online merchandise.

Internet has been like a backbone to the modern business as well as for our lives. Internet has left a great impact in changing one’s lifestyle. Today, the world is fully dependent on technology which has played an important role in influencing human life. Online business means business dependent on internet. Mass dealings and transactions take place through the internet. Buying and selling as well as payments are done through the internet in recent days.

Merchants are not only available on the internet but the market place is also filled with merchants doing various kinds of business. A customer can go for shopping at shopping malls, jewellery shops, groceries, etc. and make payments through cash or through credit cards. Before the credit cards were invented, payments were done only through cash. But the use of credit card has made it very convenient for the merchants and the customers. The modern business has been techno based and is increasing at a rapid speed. Today, business activities without the internet are almost impossible. Competition also plays a vital role in upcoming of these technologies in the business field. Every businessman wants to reach to the top in whichever way possible.

There are various ways to make payments through credit cards to the merchant account holders. Sometimes, a customer needs to process the credit card through the credit card terminals and sometimes not. When a customer pays through the credit card terminals, then the card is swiped through the machine. The terminal reads the card automatically and only the amount is to be entered to complete the transaction. The terminal rejects the credit card if it is not valid or so. Another technique of making payment is through services like PayPal. PayPal is a payment gateway where credit card information and the customer’s account information is not necessary. A user-id and password is enough to make and receive payments. This service is also based on the internet. A computer, internet connection and just a click of the mouse is required to do the dealings. Every transaction is dealt online where the merchant and the customer stands anonymous. This has also made the business operations more interesting and convenient.

Another technique that is used to make payments is through mobile bill payment systems. Not a single loose end is left by technology in their work. It is a very easy method of making payments. Just as how the cell phone technology was spread in a big way in a very short period of time, the mobile bill payment systems are also moving far and wide in the business field.

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