A successful online brand has 3 main characteristics. They are:

The brand depends totally on the perceptions of the customers.

Perception is developed and shaped by the product’s value characteristics.

These characteristics should sustain over time.

The 3 characteristics given above are not additive but multiplicative, which means that all three are essential to build a strong brand image on the internet.

Online customers mostly experience or at least interact with a brand frequently which makes the brand experience a lot more important than the perceptions.

To become powerful and successful the brand has to promise:

  • Higher convenience than the offline mode and also the competitors
  • Adventure and fun
  • Recognition and self expression by customisation and personalisation
  • Belong to a perceived internet community

When products are branded online, several aspects are considered. Some of them are:

Understand the Customer – Requires better understanding of the desired purchase & the usage experience when in an interactive environment.

Continually Monitor Competitor web sites – Competitor activities and ads has to be monitored.

Compelling design & complete intent of the brand – Greater opportunity for customization of the key messages

Integrity – Online customers are always concerned about the privacy and security of their information.

Invest – Building awareness for your brand requires a lot of investment and times, especially for long term players; but building loyalty for your brand is faster if you target effectively.

Safety and security – most of online customers first check to see whether you have the latest security technologies in place to protect their personal and credit card information from hackers and fraudsters. If the customers are not sure that you can protect their information, then they will move away from your web site and will not give you a second chance. Therefore, the security technologies implemented on your site is a make or break factor for you.

Some security mechanisms that can be implemented on your site are –

SSL – It stands for Secure Socket Layer. This is the most advanced security mechanism that is available today. The SSL encrypts all the data that is transmitted from the web site to the provider of the payment gateway services. The data can be decrypted only by the payment gateway provider because only he has the key to this lock. This mechanism is used in systems that accept credit cards from customers.

AVS – It stands for Address Verification System. This is also used in systems that accept credit cards. Here, the shipping address given on the e – commerce web site is verified against the address of the card holder that exists with the issuing bank. If the 2 addresses don’t match then there is a need for further verification.

Calling the customer - This is the most primitive and most effective technique. Call the customer before dispatching any orders.

From the points seen above, planning, security and approaching it in the right way with due diligence can make your e – commerce web site both successful and profitable.

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