Ecommerce is defined as conducting your business transactions over the internet. You will be using ecommerce technologies if you are buying, selling or marketing products or services on the internet. Ecommerce became very popular after the advent of the Internet. When high speed internet became available at affordable rates then an ecommerce boom started. Ecommerce is here to stay and therefore, every company needs to have an ecommerce web site if it has to survive in this business world.

An ecommerce web site that is designed well is a good ecommerce plan which is visible. However, if your ecommerce web site has to succeed you need to know the aesthetics and how the import export and global sourcing visitors will perceive it. The ability to find import export competitors and global sourcing visitors, bring them and offer to them value added services and products plays a big role.

If you play ecommerce tricks like tracking of shipment, processing payments and online buying then you will be deserted by the global sourcing companies.

Given below is a check list for a good ecommerce business plan

If you have an import export business then the success of your ecommerce solution depends on whether you consider your ecommerce system as separate from your business entity or not. Go through the check list given below:

  1. What are the offline strategies for your import export business? Are you going to relate them?
  2. What are your objectives? More number of international customers? Or higher sales with an effective customer care team?
  3. Which markets are you targeting? Are you planning on direct export import or global sourcing? How will your ecommerce web site aid global sourcing companies?
  4. Do you have an insurance or contingency plan in place? Will you be able to continue sales and services while you are fire fighting?
  5. Did you do proper research on the preferences of your customer’s preferred payment modes before deciding? Are they secure to protect your customer’s details?
  6. Will you be able to reduce the price of your products to pursue aggressive competition? Always remember that the global sourcing companies will abandon you and move on to the next ecommerce without giving you a clue.
  7. Are you listening and responding to your customer queries and complaints? Is your response fast enough?
  8. If you don’t deal with export and import ecommerce, have you made arrangements with some company that has the import export licenses? When required, will you be able to process orders through the internet with ready stock?
  9. Do you have a user friendly search engine for your ecommerce web site?
  10. What steps are you taking to keep the confidence of your customers?
  11. What do you intend to do with the database that has the details of your customers? Have they authorised you to forward to them any news about offers or any reminders? Understand the fact that, ecommerce does not happen by chance.

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