About 10 years ago, one could not have thought of it in his wildest imaginations that the e – business or electronic commerce would be transformed in to mobile commerce also called as m – commerce. Although, this technology is still very young, it is becoming very popular and therefore you have to understand what mobile commerce is all about.

M – Commerce is a way of carrying out your business transactions through wireless technology or mobile devices. The best example for a mobile device is the cell phone. M – Commerce will help companies or businesses to carry on all their business transactions through PDA devices or mobile. Since a cell phone is a mobile device that is very user friendly, more than a laptop, people use it to do a wide variety of tasks through it like checking details of a movie, booking tickets for movie, trains, bus, etc and obtaining other important information on their cell phones. These days several companies or businesses are accepting payments by the SMS payment system which is a very innovative system. The future of m – commerce is very bright and it be used to drive sales and do marketing for products and services. There are many other applications available under various categories.

M – Commerce has several benefits. The 2 primary ones are:

  • Entering data through mobile systems
  • Accessing important documents or reports through your PDA or mobile devices.

Other benefits includes customers able to access the price details of any product from any place, businesses promote and show case their services and products and consumers are able to access the catalogue on their PDA’s or mobile devices. You can also pay your mobile bills through your cell phone by attaching a credit card with it.

How beneficial is m – commerce to companies? Through mobile commerce, businesses make web sites to show case their services and products on mobile devices. It is will known as Wireless Access Protocol or WAP. The companies have online catalogues regarding their services and products on these WAP sites for mobile users to access from the mobile devices. However, to develop active catalogues, businesses need to make a “Data Synchronization Tool” which will help the businesses to convert the XML data in to database format and Database in to XML format so that businesses will be able to use both offline and online applications to enter data and access the reports using their wireless or mobile devices if they are able to make web applications in XHTML.

Not all mobile phones will be able to conduct m – commerce. Therefore, you need to purchase the right mobile phone if you want to be able to do m – commerce. There are several phones in the markets which match the requirements like Nokia E61i, HTC Touch Dual, Blackberry 8310, Blackberry 8100g and several more. You can find and purchase these sets on any online store that is selling mobile phones. These online stores have a wide range of phones with attractive prices.

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