Money is known as capital in business terms. Capital management is most essential in any business especially in merchant account. This is because the merchandise businesses in the recent days are done through the internet and online procedures. So a strong technical background and capital management is necessary. Banks play a big role in supporting the business by providing financial help and also in the formation of capital of any business.

A merchant account holder needs to obtain a licence for capital management. Normally, Government provides or issues the licence but these days the government have authorised some major banks to undertake this policy under the law and acts. A merchant needs to fulfil all the necessary formalities in order to obtain a licence for capital management. Once the formalities are complete and submitted, the bank helps the merchant in capital management who holds a capital management licence.

The licence which is provided is very favourable for many activities involved in capital management. There are very few differences in the capital management licence holder’s account and a banking licence holder’s account regarding the type of business the licence holder may carry on. Capital management of any merchant account helps in gaining a reputation in the business field. The merchant account holder who has obtained the capital management licence is considered as a professional businessman and also all the documentation of the merchant is considered to be legal and genuine. But ironically, fraud cases have also taken place. It is natural because every coin has two sides.

One has to be very careful while applying for capital formation for merchant account. Various fraud companies have emerged as a barrier to the smooth functioning of the merchant account. People decide their purchases depending upon the prices. They normally opt for those who offer products at a cheaper rate. Frauds have taken advantage of this and advertise at cheaper rates. People fail to identify these frauds and thus end up being cheated. The frauds bear the price on registration but make huge profits afterwards. Once they are done with robbing people, they discontinue their acts. This is a hindrance to the merchant account holders in capital management.

The licence holders enjoy the authority to receive funds, manage them and even invest the funds of the third party. Offshore corporations are registered and authorised to hold the actual licence of the capital management. The offshore corporation provides many set of advantages that are legal. The profit made by the capital management companies are tax free. The directors of these companies do not have to bear the liabilities, if any. The time taken to issue the capital management licence takes about three weeks. Any nationalist can be accepted as the director of such a company. The capital deposit fees for the set up and registration are not applicable. After the expiry of the licence period, the renewal fee incurred is very reasonable. The capital management companies can enjoy the facilities because the taxes are exempted. Thus capital management in merchant account is important for the fast growth and development of the business.

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