Email marketing is the oldest form of internet marketing which is extremely effective even today. If this technique is not working for your business then you must have committed a mistake. Given below are a few common mistakes committed while doing email marketing.

  1. First Name Basis

Making use of the person’s first name in an e-mail and the subject box has proven beneficial to the company doing the email marketing campaign, since they receive more clicks as email recipients respond better if their first names are mentioned in the subject box. But, make sure that you don’t over use this technique by putting the first name in every mail you send to the same recipient. This is a common mistake performed by almost all the internet marketers.

  1. Having a boring Headline

Most email marketers don’t give enough prominence to the headline. Several people don’t read the first line of a promotional mail if the headline is not attractive enough. Hence, head lines have to be very powerful so that the aspect of curiosity will set in and the email recipient will continue to read the promotional mail. Create a head line which attracts the customer to read the niche which you are focusing on. For example, a headline such as “Yo Han, Double Your Business Sales in a Month!” will attract entrepreneurs who are looking out for new ways to expand and grow their business.

  1. A Content List

Most online marketers think that this is completely unnecessary in email marketing. This is true only in case of short emails. However, for long ones like newsletter, you have to make a content list for you email marketing tactics. What is a content list? It is a page which has the main headings listed with the page number. It is just like how it is in the books, except that in this case it is in an email and therefore its functionality can be increased. Having a content list while doing email marketing will let your subscribers know which topics you are covering. Not all subscribers will be interested in all the topics in the newsletter. Content lists also help in arousing interest in the reader.

  1. The First Sentence

The starting sentence of the promotional email should arouse enough curiosity in the minds of the readers that they continue to read the newsletter or the mail. Most online marketers jump direct to advertising the product or service without creating curiosity in the minds of the subscriber. For example, the first line such as “Live Show of a Mega Birthday Party” will create a lot of curiosity in the mind of the reader. Most of the subscribers will read the complete mail to find out what’s going on.

  1. Content

In online marketing, the most common mistake made while email campaigns is: describing and teaching what the product does. This will not create the positive effect which you wanted it to create. You need to put in content which makes the reader curious, eager and excited.

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