If you are planning to sell your services and products online or you are planning to do the paper transactions online, then an ecommerce web hosting solution is perfect for you. Outsourcing the web store will save money and time for you. Web hosting packages begin at thirty five dollars a month but it can go up to hundreds of dollars a month for advanced hosting packages. The prices of hosting services differ because of factors such as data transfer, email accounts and disk space and the number of items that you can sell. The terms and conditions of different providers are different and therefore you need to do some shopping around to get the best deal for your company. To give you a proper idea of the prices, there are a few examples of hosting packages given below:

Budget Packages

These packages cost about thirty five dollars a month and they allow 10 to 15 items to be displayed on the site. The disk space you will get is about 30 – 40mb and unlimited data transfer.

This is for starters. The number of visitors who can visit your site is unlimited. Once your store grows bigger then you can upgrade your package to higher and more advanced ones. If you do some research you will be able to find reliable hosts for much less price than this. For those firms who want to succeed, the ability to quickly upgrade is very important.

Moderate Packages

This package is best suitable of a growing store that has a moderate number of products on display. You can have 100 to 115 products on display. For many online stores these packages serve as better starting points than budget packages. Also, the ability to quickly upgrade to higher packages is very crucial for a growing store.

Professional Packages

These packages are most efficient if you can afford them because they permit you to sell an unlimited number of products. The price ranges from $150 to $200 a month and you will be able to get a disk space of 250mb with unlimited data transfer. This will allow your online store to grow to any scale without further up gradations. The storage space can be up graded if the need arises. Top end ecommerce packages are associated with server solutions dedicated to them. Usually, competitive ecommerce endeavours must begin with the top end ecommerce plan even though it costs hundreds of dollars each month.

By now you would have understood the fact that web host providers will adjust their solutions to your business needs. This customization and flexibility will continue, as electronic commerce is a compulsory step for any business that moves online or expands its current presence on the internet.

When you are searching for an ecommerce provider, make sure to look at these factors – number of items that you can sell, disk space, cost and bandwidth. Make sure that your host provides proper security by using the Secure Socket Layer or SSL technology. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.