Credit Card Applications and the Rejection of OFFSHORE Credit Card Application

To get credit card requires a simple process of filling up an application which takes nearly fifteen minutes. The first thing which must be performed is the selection of a credit card company which you want to make use of. This is indeed achievable by visiting few sites online to compare various credit card companies along with its advantages, various benefits, service, perks, and cost. 

After this you need to fill the credit card form. For this, you need to fill in the right details and make sure that you don’t leave any mandatory details. The initial question that must be answered while filling this application is the US citizenship. Since, most banks offer credit cards to persons who are permanent residents or US citizens.

After this, comes the personal information details like: first, last, and middle name and its associated nick names, suffices must not ne used. You must make sure that you must provide the address in order starting from state, city, and the zip code. Do not forget to provide the number-of-years you were residing with the housing status. Now you must mention your mail address and phone number. After this, make sure to fill your work details in credit card form, since it is mandatory and require verification checks.

The other essential information which you need to provide is the SSN (Social Security Number) because it gives bankers access to credit bureau information. This is very important for processing of credit card form.

In case of security reasons, you need to specify your maiden’s name, monthly payment, account information, date-of-birth, and employment status. These details must be filled properly, since they fix your eligibility to obtain credit card. Mailing address is indeed very essential.

As that of any online-banking services, credit card form too is necessarily not full proof. So, this is entirely regarding how you fill up credit card form.

If you are a student, then you are liable to take up Student credit-cards facility which is issued by the “Discover and Capital”. Few features which are offered for the issuers of this credit card include:

No yearly fee     

Zero percent interest for fixed period

$0 Liability in case of Fraud cases

Cash back bonuses

During this time of illiquidity and economic instability in credit markets, stock market, real-estate market, the only thing which is constant is that the good students must be provided with an opportunity to bring up the credit history. The credit cards provide benefit only if balance is remunerated fully every month. Thereby, student credit cards are designed perfectly for the student applicants.

So, one might think what would happen after filling up credit card form. You would get a letter stating if you are eligible or not for a credit-card. Perhaps, you would get a response stating you are eligible only for certain type of savings deposit credit card. In this letter you can find the address and name of the company from where you could request for free credit report. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.