In corporate and business circles, the words e – business and e – commerce are been used interchangeably since a very long time. Only very few people know and acknowledge the subtle differences between them. And, yes there are some delicate differences between these 2 words which will be highlighted in this article. Conventionally, e – commerce is a term that is used to refer to only those business processes which directly affect the vendors, suppliers, customers and any other business partners. These business processes include customer support, technical support, credit card payment processes, and order receiving processes and so on. It also includes interactions with suppliers relating to the purchase of raw goods and other supplies for the office.

However, E – Business contains e – commerce and many more management processes such as financial management, supply chain management, product development and production, inventory management and many other processes. It also includes human resource management. It effectively increases the pace of the every day activities of traditional businesses and also, streamlines all the processes to reduce costs, simplify and augment access to vital information for employees, customers and other partners and improves the business efficiency.

With more and more businesses coming online each day, it has now become imperative for all businesses to make a niche for their companies in the cyberspace to beat the competition. This is absolutely true in all cases be it greater user satisfaction, better aesthetics, better organisational efficiency, lowering input costs, search engine optimization, increasing profit margins and increasing the sales volumes.

“Empowering through information” is at the centre of any such new concept. The system will use internet, extranet, intranet, collaborative user applications and internet to access information. An employee who is given access to all the business information will be able to perform better as he will feel important. Also, he will be made a part of the team that takes the decisions and therefore, he will put in that extra effort to make a sale.

In the same way, customers will feel empowered and happy if they are able to access information regarding the delivery status or specifications of their order. E – Business technologies and processes make it possible to disseminate this kind of information utilizing minimum man – hours and at a very low cost. The returns or benefits of a well networked and planned e – business system is extremely high. It has to be carried out even if you have to perform a major reshuffle in the organisation. There are several differences between e – business and e – commerce, but the actual difference can be seen in the quality of the performance of e – businesses and e – commerce companies.

Also, it is a much more expensive process to set up an e – business, which requires a lot of planning as several systems have to be integrated seamlessly. But, an e – Commerce Company can be set up by any body with a very low or no investment. The minimum requirement for an e – Commerce Company is an e – commerce website. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.