E – Commerce refers to every business transaction that is completed either partially or completely using any electronic medium such as the internet. Buying, selling and marketing of services and products on the internet are picking up every day and therefore, e – commerce has become very popular. E – Commerce involves marketing of the product, attracting visitors to your web site, selling the product to the visitors and accepting payments from you customers. It is also used to pay your suppliers.

E – Commerce development will provide a highly specialized web site design that is intended for good communication in business and conducting of business transactions on the internet. E – Commerce adds to the communication and information technologies which increase the economic growth of a country. Specifically, e – commerce is nothing but selling and buying of services and goods; thus, increasing the sales and reducing the costs of your business. E – Commerce also includes transferring of funds from one account to the other through electronic medium.

E – Commerce works in all the 4 major sectors of market – consumer to business, consumer to consumer, business to consumer and business to business. The benefits of E – Commerce are broken up as shown below:

Benefits to Organisations – Due to the extensive electronic network of computer systems, organisations can pass on important messages across the world which allows them to delve in to newer markets and dig deep in to splendid opportunities. E – Commerce helps organisations to reduce costs which are consumed while developing, distributing, processing and retrieving information. Many other benefits of e – commerce to organisations include flexibility in trading, boosting operational efficiency, better customer communication, enhanced customer service and current inventories.

Benefits to Consumers – For consumers, e – commerce allows them to better evaluate the product. It also helps in product research. The biggest benefit consumers get is: they can purchase a product from any part of the world and that product is delivered to their doorstep. E – Commerce makes it much easier and faster for consumers to find what they are looking for. They can also do product comparison and get the best deal for their purchase.

Benefits to Society – Through e – commerce, people are able to work as well as finish their shopping chores from the office or home. By purchasing online, the payment system will calculate the tax refund you are supposed to get and also the pension, if any. This process is quick and secure. The indirect benefit to society is: because of e – commerce the number of paper transactions has reduced drastically, thereby saving a large number of trees that would otherwise be cut down to make paper.

If you want to succeed in the e – commerce industry, you have find out where your services and products fit in and you should also give unparalleled attention to your e – commerce sales objectives. There are companies in the market who are willing to help you in developing a web application and also help you to get in touch with your online customers. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.