Each website is unique and different from any other website. Web masters should consider many factors like the design when developing the site. Websites dealing with customers and money directly should consider several more factors. After all, for web masters, conversion rate is the number one priority. Conversion rate tells the number of visitors converted in to customers for a particular website. It depends entirely on how the customers like the website.

But some questions arise. While designing a website, how do you differentiate between a common website and an ecommerce website? Will it work if an ecommerce website is designed like an ordinary informational website? If your answer is No, then you are on the right track, else you have to learn more about ecommerce before opening your website. Both the, regular website design and the ecommerce website design have many things in common, but there are subtle differences. The detailing done by ecommerce designers is one of the primary differences.

When a surfer enters an ecommerce website, he intends to make a purchase. However, the fact is, if the visitor does not feel good or comfortable about your ecommerce website, then he will move the cursor of his mouse to the “x” mark to close the window or else he will go to search engine and then jump to another ecommerce website where he feels more comfortable. Whether he found the exact thing he was searching will not matter.

The primary source of income for any ecommerce website is to convert web surfers in to buyers. Therefore, the ecommerce site designers must design a website that creates a good feel and trust with the visitors or potential customers. Before you invest in your ecommerce website, find out what customers want. Most customers look for accessibility, ease and security from a good ecommerce site. Because of this reason, ecommerce site designers should focus on:

Merchant Accounts and Security

Shopping cart applications


The convenience that it offers is the primary reason why ecommerce such as online shopping is growing at such a fast pace. Why it is so convenient is because of the online payment options that are available in every ecommerce website. These options are also very secure now, unlike before. Since, online payments are subject to many forms of attack and fraud, your customers should feel secure and safe when purchasing from your ecommerce website. Due to this reason, ecommerce site designers should be well versed with the security issues and the technologies that can make a website more secure. To gain this expert knowledge a website designer needs to have special training. Also, a good ecommerce site designer should possess enough knowledge to design both ecommerce and regular websites.

Some of the most advanced security technologies that are available today are the “SSL” and the “AVS”. SSL stands for secure socket layer and AVS stands for address verification system. These technologies are used in credit card processing systems and e - check processing systems. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.