We all might know the condition of equilibrium under perfect competition between the merchant account holders. We also know how purchases and sales are determined in a perfectly competitive merchandise industry. Let us discuss the electronic output determination under imperfect competition which may result in a monopoly business in this article.

Monopoly in a merchandise business is that form of market in which a single merchant controls the whole supply of a particular product which has no close substitute. It can be well defined in other words. There must be a single merchant if there is to be a monopoly in a merchant account. But there are very less chances of a monopoly in merchant account.

The invention of the internet banking system has created a revolution in the banking sector. Each credit card holder is given the privilege to make use of their credit card through all credit card terminals. These systems of processing credit cards through the terminals are based on electric power. This plays a vital role in making the merchant account a success. In the modern world, people mostly prefer electronic banking systems because of its best features. The trouble of going to the bank for transactions has been eliminated. A merchant deals with hundreds of people every day. He may not even remember their names properly because of the massive dealings. Electronic output is generated to keep a record of each transaction and the customers. The merchants need to deal with the customer and all the processes are carried out by the electronic systems.

As we talked about monopoly in a merchandise business, the electronic banking system has been able to overcome the situation and convert in a more competitive market. Competition is present in every field. It is indeed good for the development of any industry. Since the use of internet banking and processing has started, the merchant account holders have been able to expand their business in a broad way. The merchant account holders, after paying certain amount of registration fees can open their account. This account is used for depositing and making transactions. Electronic banking system has helped the merchants to place ads on the internet on their respective accounts. These online merchandise businesses are supported by a strong technical banking background. The electronic system scans and verifies each customer’s transaction thus making the merchant trouble free. We can imagine how our lives would be if there was no electricity. Technology depends upon electricity for coming up with various new techniques.

The elements and factors which are necessary in merchant account are all dependent on electricity. For example: computers, printers, card terminals, payment gateways, processors, etc. In conclusion, we can see that there is finally an electronic output with the merchant account dealings and transactions. Electronic output means the results obtained from the modern devices of any transaction. Merchant account is blessed with the electronic banking system which helps in taking a merchandise business to a very high level. By the means of electronic merchandise or online merchant business, both the customer and the merchants have benefited.

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