Factors to be considered while selecting aN OFFSHORE shopping cart

Selecting a good shopping cart plays a vital role in the growth of an online business. Most businessmen fail to realise the importance of choosing the right shopping cart for their business. A poor shopping cart will keep customers at bay whereas a good shopping cart will help the trader increase the number of consumers that visit and buy products from the website. There are four important factors that need to be considered while choosing a shopping cart. Following are these 4 major factors:

-       Easy to use – A shopping cart which can be used with facing much difficulty will be ideal for any business. Whenever a consumer is confused, especially while shopping online, he/she will navigate away from your website and will never return again. If the shopping cart can be used easily then you can be sure that the consumer will make a purchase.

-       Security – It is vital for a shopping cart to be absolutely secure. There are several components involved with respect to security. The various security benchmarks and certifications can be displayed on the shopping cart which will relieve a consumer while shopping. Since shopping over the internet is taken seriously by many consumers it is important to tell consumers about the security measures being taken by you.

-       Ability to customise – An essential factor to be considered while choosing a shopping cart is the control and customisation level a trader has over it. It is necessary for the shopping cart to easily fit into the website and online business including elements like feel, colour and basic design. A trader should have the flexibility to change the information and the text as well as the intermediate methods from choosing a product to clicking on the order button. When a shopping cart provides flexibility and gives you control to make changes, it’ll be easier for you to make a few changes based on consumer needs. This in turn will help you make more sales.

-       Tracking – It is better to select shopping carts that enable the trader to track consumers as they navigate the website. The usage of tools like goal tracking and funnelling will help traders to see the number of consumers moving from one step to another in the check-out procedure. This will also help traders get to know why consumers from away from their shopping carts. Moreover, this will help the ecommerce merchants to correct errors, of any, so that they do not lose out on potential consumers. Shopping carts that are compatible with programs and features should be chosen. This will ensure a smooth shopping experience for the consumers too since they do not face difficulty in purchasing items from your website. Hence, be tracking consumers from one stage to another, you can enhance your ecommerce business by improving the errors, if any.

Hence, if a shopping cart is chosen considering the above mentioned features, then you will surely find the one that matches your requirements perfectly. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.