Frequent billing is one of the existing systems in the workings of a Merchant account. This type of merchandise business can be non-profit business. Various trusts like the NGOs avail this type of merchant accounts. These businesses receive payments quite often.

A new frequent billing procedure named Electronic Billing & Invoicing software is now available at the market. This is a fast charging payment gateway system for the processing of credit cards and online checks for the non-profit making merchant account holders. The new electronic billing and invoicing software can process as well as charge the credit cards and online checks on frequent intervals on monthly donations received.

Subscription of the products takes place in the merchant account having frequent billing procedures. In this system, the payments are made frequently and also at different rates. A merchant can easily set up various products with their profiles. The profile contains the price of the product, its weights, etc. This procedure facilitates services like the subscription of newspapers, books or magazines, and many other kinds of subscriptions. A subscriber has to make payments on a weekly or monthly basis. The electronic billing and invoicing software can be easily adapted for billing on weekly or monthly, semi-annually or annually or even quarterly periods. People opt for this procedure for its flexibility. During the setup of the desired rate according to a single customer, only one setup is sufficient for the customer. There is an exceptional chance of the change in rates in the future of the business.

A registration fee is charged at the beginning. A customer has to pay the registration fee to the bank as per the dealings. The bank also offers a free trial period to the customers to use the frequent billing procedures in merchant account. When a customer is registered, he/she is provided with a user-id as well as a password which is also added to the customer’s database history. The customer can easily access their own e-commerce websites from any place in the world using the internet facilities. Some minor changes like editing as well as cancellation can be easily done by filling the forms that are available on the internet. This saves money as well as a lot of time.

The fast charge payment gateway system provides all the details of a customer. A merchant can view all the billing transaction of any customer he wants and he has the right to cancel their subscription, if any arrears are found. If a customer finds any kind difficulty or problem then they can ask for the help and support from the customer care that are available 24 hours a day. A team of highly trained technical experts are available for helping the customers through tele-communicating devices like phone calls.

This will help the customer to access their accounts easily and also, they receive message that the payments are being processed for the transaction. After all the processing and billing procedures, the transaction statement is updated to the user’s account through electronic systems. This system is convenient for housing and property management also. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.