RSS or Real Simple Syndication is nothing but list building. However, this is something like creating a list in the reverse order. This article will explain the concept. When an internet user subscribes to your mailing list, it means that you have the right or permission to send messages to him. You can forward as many mails as you like to him.

If he has to read the message, he has to wait until you send it to him. Also, he will not be able to stop you from forwarding the mails to him. You can forward as many mails as you like, even though those messages are flagged as spam or are filtered or they get completely blocked.

However, with a subscription for an RSS, the subscriber will come to you. His program may be iTunes, will check the feed to find out if there is any thing new on the shelf. If the answer is no, the program will come back after a preset amount of time such as the next hour or next day or next week or any other arbitrary amount of time.

When the program finds a new post, it downloads the post and alerts the user saying that there is a new post available for you to see. The user can then view it or listen to it when he opens the program. The best aspect of this is: the RSS feed cannot be flagged as spam or filtered or be blocked. It will always reach your subscriber.

Another method to explain this concept is with an example. If you subscribe to a mail listing, then you will receive emails regularly. You have to wait for your email to reach you. You cannot control the number of mails sent by the marketer or how many mails you want to send to you.

The RSS feed, on the other hand, is similar to you travelling to the PO and picking up your email. If there are no letters for you, then you can go back home, relax and then, come back. You aren’t waiting passively for the arrival of your mail. You will have great control since you have to go to mail.

Since the subscribers have total control over what information they get, this technique is a very powerful one in generating traffic to your site. The greatest advantage of RSS Feeds is that: your subscribers will definitely receive your messages since with RSS Feeds messages cannot be blocked, flagged as spam or filtered out.

Is it still necessary to build a list to use this technique? Yes, it is necessary. RSS feed is not a substitute for building lists rather it is just another tool which can be used to develop good relationships with people in your target market. Don’t think that you will be able to succeed in your online business without building a list, by substituting it with RSS Feeds. Use this as an additional tool to improve your business. Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.